Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great People...Great Music

I wanted to share these two people with all ten of my followers! These people are personal friends of Paul and I and we are so glad to know them!

He's the real deal.

...and so is She!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow...

That's right. Starting tomorrow I will have a Kindergartener and a 2nd Grader. I am so excited about school starting...not for the ususal "I'm so tired of my kids" reason, but because I love to watch my kids learn and grow...and there is no better place to start than Kindergarten.

Caleb is a little bit nervous and a LOT excited about school. Tonight before we prayed I asked him what he was nervous about. And in classic Caleb style, he said he was nervous about how to buy chocolate milk. (I told him earlier that he would learn a number to push in to buy milk from his account.) He won't know is number until the first day of school and he is very concerned that he won't learn it in time to buy chocolate milk. It is a very serious matter, I assure you. So nevertheless I prayed that he would get his number in time to buy chocolate milk. (I, of course, know that he will.)

Jacob on the other hand is the "big man on campus". You know...2nd grade. He is very excited that he gets to move to the front playground. He has been on the back playground the last two years and now he gets to move to the front playground. This will exponentially increase his fun-having abilities at recess. This, of course, is a very important matter. He also is ready to show Caleb how to use the pencil machine. It gives out "cool" pencils for a mere quarter...and from now 'til the end of time my son will ask me for quarters to buy pencils out of the pencil machine.

All in all I am ready for the year. We are going to do Kindergarten with all our might and we are also going to grab 2nd grade by the horns and hold on for the ride.

I think Abby and I will celebrate our first day together with a manicure...sounds good huh?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some pics from our Beach Vacation!

I know...It's time for me to blog again...but these pics are going to have to do for now!

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