Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My day according to Facebook

So this is what my day would look like if I posted everything on Facebook.

Tanya Brand woke up this morning and then went back to sleep while her husband got the kids ready for school.

Tanya Brand woke up long enough to fix Abby's hair for school.

Tanya Brand went back to sleep.

Tanya Brand woke up again and thank the hubs for being so awesome and letting me sleep.

Tanya Brand got dressed and sat down with a cup of coffee and watched some CNN.

Tanya Brand watched the radar on the weather website and decided it was going to be a long day of introducing myself to Tropical Storm Hermine.

Tanya Brand decided to go over to the church and see how the first day of preschool was going.

Tanya Brand got SOAKED going approximately 10 yards from the car to the building...it's a good thing I wore comfy clothes and flip flops that dry quickly!

Tanya Brand helped the Babies teacher get her little ones settled in to the first day of preschool! They all have big "voices" and they know how to use them!

Tanya Brand decorated a bulletin board...and it. is. cute!

Tanya Brand went to lunch with the hubs at Bracken Christian School to see some of the BBC youth.

Tanya Brand's husband was kind enough to run into the torrential rains to get the car and bring it closer so that I would not get soaked in the torrential rains.

Tanya Brand went home to watch 2 hours of mindless tv while waiting for the kids to get out of school.

Tanya Brand got VERY acquainted with Tropical Storm Hermine as she came ripping through Bulverde dumping inches and inches of rain in my yard.

Tanya Brand watched as her driveway was slowly being washed into the street.

Tanya Brand's electricity went out. is back on. went off again. is back on again.
(This is not good for the mindless tv watching that I wanted to do.

Tanya Brand hears a strange noise and looks out the window to see tree #1 on the ground instead of standing...not by the roots...but there are no branches left on the upright part of the tree.

Tanya Brand hears another noise...kind of like a dripping faucet...hmmm....

Tanya Brand totally dismisses the dripping noise as her imagination.

Tanya Brand walks to her bedroom and on the way back she steps in a puddle of water and decides she can no longer dismiss the dripping noise!

Tanya Brand calls the hubs and he comes home to survey the leak in the living room ceiling.

Tanya Brand's husband asks her to look out the window when he gets home and we look at tree #2 in the middle of the driveway.

Tanya Brand realizes that Tropical Storm Hermine is kind of serious about her job.

Tanya Brand decides to scrapbook in the dark-ish house...because the power is out again.

Tanya Brand watches out the window as Hermine raises her ugly head and watches tree #3 lose all its branches.

Tanya Brand's husband goes to get the kids from school.

Tanya Brand does homework including Spanish spelling words and third grade math flash cards.

Tanya Brand eat an early dinner so we can go to football/cheer practice at the church.

Tanya Brand brought two of the three kids home early to get into bed.

Tanya Brand realizes that Hermine has settled down a bit.

Tanya Brand sits down and continues the CNN watching she started this morning.

Tanya Brand is blogging her life according to Facebook.