Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Thanksgiving Day

This is the turkey that sat on a plate
On the table just before everyone ate
On Thanksgiving Day

This is a turkey the little ones made
Telling of the thanks that we gave
On Thanksgiving Day

These are the rolls that across the table were thrown
By children of all ages including those grown
On Thanksgiving Day

This is end of the table number one
Where the kids sat and had great fun
On Thanksgiving Day

This is Mattie Lynn as cute as can be
Sitting directly in front of the cooked turkey
On Thanksgiving Day

This is cutie pie Caleb Paul
Who sat by the stuffing that stuffed us all
On Thanksgiving Day

This is Abby Sue
Posing at the table just for you
On Thanksgiving Day

This is Brayden who is saying hurry
I'm ready to dive into some yummy turkey
On Thanksgiving Day

This is Jacob showing his name card
Knowing that eating the turkey would not be hard
On Thanksgiving Day

There were so many memories
To many to really share
Like my grandpa telling old war stories
Of his bravery there
And all of my family together again

On Thanksgiving Day 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Phone Photo Phun

Well it's been a month since my last post and I just don't think I'm going to win the "blogger of the year" award this year! Oh well, there's always next year...

Anyway, here are a few of the latest pics from my phone...hence the name Phone Photo Phun!

Now, before proceeding, you have to promise not to judge. We put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. I used to have a fairly strict rule about this, but a couple of years ago I decided that this was supposed to be FUN. It was supposed to be about my family being together and celebrating CHRISTmas. So from then on we have just been having some family fun nights when the schedule allows and put things up gradually and it's no stress. Tonight was one of those nights...and here are the results!

Here is the boys tree. Sports of course.

Here is the top of Abby's tree...just thought I'd tell you in case you couldn't tell...

Here is Abby's basically throws up purple...and that's just the way she likes it!

Here is the top of the boys tree...

Here is Abby's favorite ornament on her tree. It is a ballerina from the Night Before Christmas Ballet.

The boys tree is not a fair-weather tree. We are fans, for real.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Schedule and all the Craziness That Surrounds Us Right Now.

So let's start with last weekend.

The inlaws...mine, not Paul's...came into town to spend the weekend with us and watch the kiddos play football/cheer. Both of the boys played hard, but ended up losing and Abby danced/cheered really well. We ate out alot, specifically at Rudy's, and went shopping. In fact I'm pretty sure I graced the Target entrance THREE times in the weekend! Hey, people...things had to be purchased...and *shocker alert* I wasn't super organized about the list of things we needed so that warranted the three trips. Oh well, I can always blow some time and money in Target!

Sunday was church and all the things that go with it, for us. During the second service on Sunday, our children's minister had a "meeting" (for lack of a better term)for anyone who wanted to hear more about accepting Jesus as their Savior. Jacob decided to take his best friend up to the meeting. After hearing the presentation, Jacob and I talked with his friend and he decided to accept Jesus as his Savior! I was so excited for him AND for Jacob! He is 8 years old! He told his best friend about Jesus because he cared for him. It was such an exciting time!

Monday....hmmmm....Monday was school and Bible study and football practice. Pretty standard these days!

Tuesday....again pretty standard. Paul had band practice for Fields of Faith and I took the kids to eat and shop for the THREE birthday presents we had to get! That's right...all three of my kids are giving out birthday presents this weekend. Apparently, 9 months prior to this weekend was a poplular time - 9 years ago, 6 years ago and 1 year ago. So we went to IHOP for dinner, because pancakes for dinner is always a winner. I was really excited to spend some fun time with the kiddos. We were sitting in the booth at IHOP and Caleb looked at me and said "Mi gusta IHOP, mommy!" I just gave him a BIG smile and thanked God that Spanish Immersion is working!

Wednesday was CRAZY. We got pulled over by two Comal Co. Sherriff's IN OUR DRIVEWAY! That's a funny story I'll tell you one day. I went to work. Paul went to work. Paul got the kids from school and took them to the football field while he set up for Fields of Faith. Then I got the kids from the field and took them to another football field for Jacob's practice.

That brings us to today. School, out to eat...AGAIN! (This has got to stop soon!) and then to praise team practice. While Paul set up his drums, me and the kids played four square in the gym. We sang for an hour and then home. All are in bed. All is well.

Paul and I have a day date planned for Saturday after the football games! We are going shopping with my first paycheck! Yahoo! I'll try not to spend it all...but my son, God love him, (which is code for "I'm glad it's not me!") has very few items of clothing to wear for the upcoming winter months. We have had a few chilly mornings here and his sweatshirts are all 3/4 length sleeves! He put on a pair of wind pants today and he needed to wear long socks...
Of course I'll be shopping for me too! I can only wear jeans on Fridays so that means I need some more pants! ...and maybe shoes, shirts, jackets...etc!

And on a completely random note. It is 9:58pm and there are construction workers next door at the church with all of their beep beep beeping and lights and tractor/big machine thing-y noises. That could be annoying.

That is all. Thank you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few things about this and that and such and such

I started a new job! I teach 3-4 year olds at Rebecca Creek Elem. School. These kids are all faculty and staff's kids and they are the age appropriate models for some special education kids that are in the program. I like my job. There are a few things that I am getting used to and the hubs and the kiddos are adjusting well.

I am tired of hearing about bullying. I know that it is a major problem. I just think that every once in a while the bully needs a quick kick in the pants, a punch in the gut, a black eye, or even a good whipping. There are so many people talking and talking and talking. I really hope someone is teaching these kids to stand up for themselves. I know that they are teaching everyone about not being a bully...but how about teaching the ones who are on the receiving end to stand up for themselves.

ok...I'm done with that.

Caleb wants to go to Africa. He wants me to go with him. I told him we would go someday. I pray I can make that happen for him. Why does he want to go? Because he's never been there, of course. Someone should probably let him in on the fact that they don't speak Spanish in Africa...therefore all his hardwork and accomplishment in Spanish Immersion will not help him one little bit!

I'm excited for the fall season. I like the cooler weather, the football, the holiday seasons, all of it. Paul and I are going to a costume party this year and are super excited! We are going as Mario and Princess Peach (from Nintendo's Mario Bros.) Of course I'll post pics after the party...thanks for asking.

We started doing P90X at bootcamp. It's not exactly what I thought it was. That's all I have to say about that.

I am loving the Bible Study I am doing right now. It's Beth Moore's study on the fruit of the Spirit and

I love my husband. He surprised me today with a massage and I got to get my nails and toes done. end.

Ok...well that's about all I have for tonight. I'm tired. Goodnight.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My day according to Facebook

So this is what my day would look like if I posted everything on Facebook.

Tanya Brand woke up this morning and then went back to sleep while her husband got the kids ready for school.

Tanya Brand woke up long enough to fix Abby's hair for school.

Tanya Brand went back to sleep.

Tanya Brand woke up again and thank the hubs for being so awesome and letting me sleep.

Tanya Brand got dressed and sat down with a cup of coffee and watched some CNN.

Tanya Brand watched the radar on the weather website and decided it was going to be a long day of introducing myself to Tropical Storm Hermine.

Tanya Brand decided to go over to the church and see how the first day of preschool was going.

Tanya Brand got SOAKED going approximately 10 yards from the car to the's a good thing I wore comfy clothes and flip flops that dry quickly!

Tanya Brand helped the Babies teacher get her little ones settled in to the first day of preschool! They all have big "voices" and they know how to use them!

Tanya Brand decorated a bulletin board...and it. is. cute!

Tanya Brand went to lunch with the hubs at Bracken Christian School to see some of the BBC youth.

Tanya Brand's husband was kind enough to run into the torrential rains to get the car and bring it closer so that I would not get soaked in the torrential rains.

Tanya Brand went home to watch 2 hours of mindless tv while waiting for the kids to get out of school.

Tanya Brand got VERY acquainted with Tropical Storm Hermine as she came ripping through Bulverde dumping inches and inches of rain in my yard.

Tanya Brand watched as her driveway was slowly being washed into the street.

Tanya Brand's electricity went out. is back on. went off again. is back on again.
(This is not good for the mindless tv watching that I wanted to do.

Tanya Brand hears a strange noise and looks out the window to see tree #1 on the ground instead of standing...not by the roots...but there are no branches left on the upright part of the tree.

Tanya Brand hears another noise...kind of like a dripping faucet...hmmm....

Tanya Brand totally dismisses the dripping noise as her imagination.

Tanya Brand walks to her bedroom and on the way back she steps in a puddle of water and decides she can no longer dismiss the dripping noise!

Tanya Brand calls the hubs and he comes home to survey the leak in the living room ceiling.

Tanya Brand's husband asks her to look out the window when he gets home and we look at tree #2 in the middle of the driveway.

Tanya Brand realizes that Tropical Storm Hermine is kind of serious about her job.

Tanya Brand decides to scrapbook in the dark-ish house...because the power is out again.

Tanya Brand watches out the window as Hermine raises her ugly head and watches tree #3 lose all its branches.

Tanya Brand's husband goes to get the kids from school.

Tanya Brand does homework including Spanish spelling words and third grade math flash cards.

Tanya Brand eat an early dinner so we can go to football/cheer practice at the church.

Tanya Brand brought two of the three kids home early to get into bed.

Tanya Brand realizes that Hermine has settled down a bit.

Tanya Brand sits down and continues the CNN watching she started this morning.

Tanya Brand is blogging her life according to Facebook.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think I'm getting it, Lord. Thank you.

Many of you may know the journey I have been on for the last 8 months or so.

About December of last year Paul and I felt like the Lord was leading me to go back to school and get my teaching certificate to add to my bachelor's degree. There was no "real" reason to do was something I have wanted to do for a long time and the time was right. God's timing was right.

As I look back on the whole thing, God's timing was not only right, but PERFECT.

I signed up for the alternative certification classes and because God's timing is PERFECT, I had all the money I needed to pay for the classes.

The classes lasted for 4 weeks and I went to class 4 nights a week from 6-9pm and on Saturdays from 8-3 and because God's timing is PERFECT I did not miss ONE thing my children were involved in. We were between football and baseball season so I missed nothing. My husband was available (and awesome) to be home with my kids every class night to get them in bed so they didn't suffer in school. PERFECT.

And now I am waiting on God's PERFECT timing. I had an interview in May and have been waiting all summer long to hear if I would have a job at my kid's school. There is a position available. The enrollment numbers are above the state standard. So what are we waiting for? The district? Well I have been saying all along, "We're just waiting for the district to make the decision. We are just waiting for the district to call the principal. We're just waiting on the district."

Well. I believe the Lord is impressing on my that I am waiting on the WRONG thing! Seriously. Why has this not occured to me before now!??! God's timing has been PERFECT throughout this entire process. Why am I wasting my time "waiting on the district" when I could be BLESSED to wait on the Lord.

God revealed a very familiar passage to me the other day while I was praying and seeking Him about this whole ordeal. This verse was so impressed into my heart that I PROMPTLY (and I mean immediately) found a background, typed it up, printed it out and LAMINATED IT! Yes I did...see?

The verse is from Isaiah 30:18 and reads:

Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you, He rises to show you compassion for the Lord is a God of justice and blessed are all who wait for Him.

Our pastor covered this passage not too long ago and said something about it that really stuck with me. "without the longing for something, wait is just the passage of time." The fact the the Lord LONGS to be GRACIOUS to me is very comforting.

I am no longer waiting on the district to make a decision. I am waiting for the Lord to be gracious to me, as He longs to do. And the end of the verse says that I am BLESSED to be waiting on Him.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Dates

'm not sure why...but my pictures uploaded in reverse order...

Every year, just before school starts, I take each one of the kids out for a special date. Just me and one of them. They get to pick the place to eat (Chuck E. Cheese is not an option...Thank the Lord!) and we go and finish getting all their school supplies and, of course, they get to pick a special gift. I also take this time to talk to each of them about how Paul and I expect them to behave at school. We talk about things they are nervous and/or excited about and we pray for their teacher. I look forward to this time each year...not sure if they do...hopefully they do!

This year, since I will most likely have a teaching job (but not until the second week of school...I know...) I got to have a back to school date too! Paul took me out to P.F. Changs (yum!) and we enjoyed WAY to much food! Then we went to do a little shopping for me and my future classroom. We had a good time and it was really good for us to have some time together before school starts. This is a new era for us. All of our kids will be in school (Can I get an AMEN and a HALLELUJAH!) We are so VERY excited for this new time in our lives. Our kids are growing so quickly and we intend to enjoy EVERY minute of it! We are gonna do Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade to fullest and enjoy every blessing that God has for us this year!

Here is Caleb and I. His dinner was very special because my brother was in town and so Caleb shared his special dinner with the family and Uncle Justin. Caleb chose Chili's and we had a great time chatting with Uncle Justin! Then Caleb and I went on a hunt for the rest of his school supplies and special gift. We drove to Target, got the supplies and then went in search of a certain DS game. Well, not a "certain" one because Caleb didn't know which "certain one" he wanted. He just kept looking for a "certain one". Since Target didn't have the "certain one" we moved on to GameStop...which closes at SIX pm on Sundays! Ahhhhh! Thankfully Toys R Us was open and after s.e.v.e.r.a.l. minutes of looking for the "certain one" he finally found it! Exccept it was a Wii game instead of a DS game...anyway...he was happy. I am praying very specifically for Caleb this year because he is starting a new journey in the Spanish Immersion program that is new to our school. By the end of fifth grade Caleb will be fluent in Spanish and it begins in First Grade. In classic Caleb style though, learning a new language is NOT what he is most nervous about. He's most nervous about not knowing everyone in his class. I assured him that he was an awesome "friend maker" and he would know everyone after the first day. And he isn't nervous anymore...Thank you Jesus.

Abby and I, dressed in EXACTLY the same outfit, went to Arbys. We were taking our friend Magan to the airport on our way on our date. We ate curly fries and then took Magan to the airport. On the way back to Target we talked about Kindergarten and how much fun it was going to be. We talked about being kind to one of the boys in her class who we know is in a wheelchair. She is determined to say "hi" to him each day and make him feel good. We got to Target found all the supplies she needed and then it was off to the clothes department to find "things on sale". She is my daughter through and through! We (and when I say 'we' I mean BOTH of us) looked and looked through the clearance racks for the best deals. Abby won't buy anything at full price! We found a pair of shorts and a cute polka dot tank top for $3.00...TOTAL! The best part of the night was watching her face when I told her the whole outfit was only $3.00...she was SO excited!

Jacob got to go first this year...basically because that's the way the schedule worked out and we went to Olive Garden. We have been to Olive Garden every year. It's our special place. He held my hand, opened the door for me and even ordered our dessert. He is such a little MAN! It's crazy to think that he will be in 3rd grade in just a few short days. I love the person he is becoming. He has the special privilege of having the same teacher for 3rd grade that he had in second grade. She is f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c. and Jacob learned SO much from her last year. I'm excited to see how far he will go. He is excited about having the same teacher and is only worried about one thing...the TAKS test. Who knew the nervousness would start so early. I wasn't even sure Jacob new what the TAKS test was. But he does. And it makes him nervous. So we will pray.

So if you made it to the end of this, then you probably really like/love me and my family! Til next time...The Calm and Chaos continues.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Football and School Supplies...both cost me a fortune.

So Football has begun.

We have all three of our kiddos involved in football this year. No...Abby is not playing, contrary to what you might think! She is cheering for Jacob's team this year. Paul and I are already feeling the a good way. It's nice to be a little busy these days...after the lazy days of summer. I know, I know...ask me that in three weeks...see if I feel the same way.

Since all three are "playing" football, we had to PAY for all three of them to play. Seems innocent enough, right? I just walked right out my back door and pulled some money off that money tree we have! What? You don't have one? You really should get one.

I'm not going to divulge how much we had to pay...Let's just say it's pretty much in the same range as the price of our new-esque car we just bought! Oh, I jest...kind of. But love is spelled M-O-N-E-Y, right? How could I possibly look into my children's (green, brown, and blue/green)eyes and tell them no! Remember, I am Mother of the Year. So we payed. And they are playing. And they are so HAPPY! And so are we.

.....Then I reminded my husband about school supplies......

After he came to, I also reminded him that we have three, (3), THREEEEEE!!!!! children in public school this year needing a various array of crayons, markers, glue, glue sticks, folders (with and without brads, mind you) three ring binders, kleenex, and hand sanitizer. Oh yeah...don't forget about assorted packages of construction paper and manilla two sizes, of course.


In the next couple of weeks (because I'll have to space the shopping out between pay periods) I'll brave the crowds and take each of my children shopping for their specific school supplies and explain to each of them 1,000 times why I'm not buying the Avatar the Airbender Trapper Keeper(shout out to all my 80's peeps!)because the list says "3 ring binder" or the Star Wars folder because the list says "red folder" or the Spiderman pencils because the list says "#2 pencils".

We will try to have a pleasant experience and we'll pay for all of the necessary supplies so that they can have the best school year ever. On the first day of school they will proudly walk in to their classroom with all of their supplies and sit down next to the kid whose mom bought them the Star Wars folder...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Apparently it's time for a new blog design...

Well I clicked over to my blog today to find no background. Just a white screen with a little note on it that read:

"We're sorry. This image or video has been deleted from the source."

Well ok! I guess it's time for a new design then. I wasn't exactly planning on changing. I didn't really want to change. However, Blogger thought it was time for a change.

So...what do you think of the new duds? Kind of cute, huh?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Abby's Frogs

Please allow me to introduce the newest members of our family. Please meet Daddy, Mommy and Baby Frog. In case you can't make out who's who...The large circle is Daddy. The teeny tiny circle is Baby....I promise there is a frog in that circle! And the circle close to the "log" is Mommy.

About 2 weeks ago, Abby caught these frogs in our yard. She LOVES them. They are HER pets. She feeds them mealworms...ewww...that have to stay in my fridge...double ewww... She gives them water. She picks them up and holds them so they can "get warm". Don't worry, it's not like an "Of Mice and Men" situation or anything. She just likes to hold them!

The previous frogs we have owned have always found a home in the boys' room, but since she caught these all by herself, they get to live with her. I am really proud of the way that Abby has taken responsibility for her pets!

After all, doesn't everyone give their frogs water from a plastic teapot?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Phone Photo Phun

Here are some of the "Phun Photos from my Phone" of things going on this summer!

Our garden yielded ONE tomato.

I saw a GIGANTIC stick bug.

Paul and I went to Cozumel for our 10 year anniversary.

The construction on the new church begins.

Abby took a picture of the new fan in my bedroom.

I got a NEW CAR!!!

Our AWESOME pastor and his wife took us tubing!

And we...

learned to...


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I know...I'm fired from blogging.

Well it has been WELL over a month since I have blogged. I have good reason though, really, I do!

My computer has had issues and I was not typing an entire blog on my iphone.

My computer issues are simple.
1. My battery does not charge.
2. My power cord is so over-used that the wires are exposed and everytime I BREATHE the cord moves and my computer shuts off I mentioned in point number battery does not charge.

So these two points of concern have been the bain of my existence regarding my computer. I have really been frustrated with it.

My wonderful husband purchased me a new cord today.
All better now.

So this summer has been pretty crazy so far. It all started with the end of school...which is always crazy. I applied for a Kindergarten postition at the kids school and I am still waiting to hear if the new class is going to make. The school needs about 9 more children to enroll for me to have a job. So...I'm waiting.

I'm not very good at waiting. I'm trying, but while waiting, I often carry the stress of waiting in my back and shoulders and that makes me uncomfortable and then I don't sleep well and then I am cranky and then my family is cranky and on and on and on....

So I am trying to rest in the Lord and wait.


After school was out, VBS decorating went on for a week. Then VBS for a week. Then Paul and I went to Cozumel. Then we came back and now it's today...

It's just flying by like always! We have had a couple of weeks at home now and it's been nice. It's been nice to get some things done around the house. And, even though I don't have a job yet, I'm still planning and preparing that God WILL bless me with one.

Paul and I feel confident that God is moving our family in this direction so I am making my rest as productive as possible. that my computer cord is fixed...I hope to be visiting with you more often!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Abby

Well there she is...

My Baby Girl.

Five years ago today I went into the hospital, a mere 15 months after Caleb was born, to give birth to our baby girl. I knew she was going to change our lives. My boys changed our lives too, don't get me wrong. Abby, however, would make things so much.... more...just more. Not only were there more diapers, more feedings, more crying, more sleepless nights, because, after all, I had a 15 month old and a three year old too.

Eventually those things turned into more passion, more laughing, and still more crying...(which came from the passion), more talking, (oh the talking!) and more love.

There is so much love...which also comes from the passion part.

She has changed our lives forever...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's been exactly a month...

...since I last blogged!

I can only say that it has been crazy around here. For example...

Sunday: Mother's Day

Monday: PTA Training all morning, then a bunch of errands for everyone else but me, baseball practice

Tuesday: Splash Day at PreSchool, Kindergarten program/PTA mtg where I was elected president...yep.

Wednesday: Kindergarten field trip, baseball game

Thursday: Last day of PreSchool, PreSchool program, shopping for stuff, baseball practice, photo shoot, praise team practice

Friday: Field Day, VBS shopping

Saturday: VBS Work all day

So that's just a small snapshot of the way our life is going right now. We are having a good time, just busy. School is over for Abby and just a couple of weeks left for Caleb and Jacob. Then it's summer time!

I am really looking forward to having no schedule for awhile! I am a creature of structure but I enjoy short bursts of NON-structure...and summer serves exactly that purpose.

God is really blessing my family right now and I am ready to bask in the blessing of God...and the sun...for that matter.

For now, this really this exact minute...I'm resting.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Waiting and waiting and more waiting.

I'm sure by now all both of my readers have fired me from blogging! It's been like a month, or something.

I have no good excuses. Just busy with many, many things and blogging is just not very high on the priority list.

Right now, though, things are slightly slower. Actually slower than I want things to be. I am waiting to see what God does next in my life. There's something kind of big just hanging out there in the wings and it's just not time yet. I know it's there. I know it's something God has led me to. I am just waiting and waiting and waiting for God to bring it to center stage.

There are many pieces to the puzzle that can't fit into the whole until THIS ONE PIECE is in place. So I am just waiting and waiting and waiting. Consequently other things/people are waiting and waiting and waiting.

There are some decisions that need to be made in a timely fashion and I just pray that I am making the right decisions in order for the puzzle to be pieced together nicely and not forced together just because it looks "close enough" to fitting.

The one thing I am struggling with most, is, ironically, not the "not knowing" it's the "waiting to know". I feel confident in God no matter which direction He nudges me...I just wish He would go ahead and nudge! I am also mostly confident in the direction that He ultimately WILL nudge me...I just wish He would go ahead and do it.

So to that end, I am waiting and waiting and waiting. God alone will let me know when it's time. In the meantime, I'll work on being ok with waiting.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phone Photo Phun

These are some pics from my phone...hence the title..."Phone Photo Phun" Yes I know, I know, that's not how you spell "fun" but I was going for some alliteration...humor me ok people. Anyway. Here are some fun pics from my phone that I thought I would share with all both of my readers.

Caleb's "loose" tooth turned into a "lost" tooth.

Jacob "working" at an old western barn cleaning a branch to make into a table leg. He learned real quick like that he enjoyed his modern day pre-made furniture.

Jacob and his dinosaur diorama he made for a project and for his Dinosaur Rock music program. He did "most" of the work himself. I of course used the glue gun but he did the rest...except for the flying pteradactl...daddy flew him.

Caleb holding a baby mouse that the Kindergarten teachers had...don't worry...they are pets. In case you were thinking the brand new school they just opened was assured...they are pet mice that the Kindergarten teacher raises to feed to the read it correctly...

Me and my Snuggie...yep...I am the proud owner of a leopard print Snuggie. I even took it to my class the day I was sick. ummmm...yesIdid...I said I was a PROUD owner.

Abby and her bestie friend Ginger and their make-up action. And yes...they look eerily like sisters.

Abby and her bestie friend Ginger. They were dressing up...but not as street walkers as you might first think...oh no...they are clearly Disney princesses!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Story of My Life

Sorry about the quality of the pics...I took them with my phone...

My mom gave this to me some time ago. She said when she saw it she thought of me...

I don't really know why...

Except that I DO have sticky floors 100% of the time.
My oven is ALWAYS filthy, which is to say NEVER clean.

So if that makes me a good mother, bring it on! In fact if those two items are the measure by which all mothers are measured...then I FOR SURE have pretty much secured Mother of the Year next...100 years! Sorry about your luck other moms, but I have clenched the title.

If it also means that I have happy children, then I will gladly pour maple syrup on my floor and in my carpet and I will rub grease on the inside of my oven and light it on fire.

Anything to have happy children. (My mother is FREAKING out at the thought of having to clean that up this weekend when she comes to visit.)

Don't worry Mom...It's just Abby's room that I need help with.



Monday, February 22, 2010

The Near Future-Cast

This time of year is chronically busy around our house. Each year the late Winter/early Spring time is C.R.A.Z.Y.

It's baseball time.
It's D-Now time.
It's Easter time.

This year is particularly crazy because I am in school and we are travelling a bit to teach at other D-Nows.

So the Future-cast for the next few weeks looks like this:

*This week Mon-Thurs and Sat - I have class

*Saturday I am supposed to have a team mom mtg so I somehow must split myself in half and be in two places at one time...any ideas?

*Paul has a crazy schedule this week with D-Now prep that consists of meetings on Wed and Fri nights, plus shopping for food and making plenty of copies...etc.

*This week also kicks off Baseball practice two nights a week...THANKFULLY...the boys are on the same team this year!

*This weekend is D-Now and that will guessed it! parents are coming on Friday to watch the kids for D-Now so Paul and I can concentrate on D-Now and class.

*Next week is MARCH people! Is that a shocker to anyone else? We have to have some sort of birthday party for Caleb and I have class on Mon, Tues, and Wed.


*Then Paul teaches another D-now for the weekend.(not our church)

*After that I suppose we will take a break. Oh yeah! Spring Break!

*I take some wedding photos to start the break and then we get to go to visit my parents while Paul and I teach a D-Now over the weekend ending spring break and THEN we will rush back on Sunday for our Easter Celebration and concert.

*And THEN the NEXT week is EASTER! Which of course means that the youth will be going to the Pre-Easter retreat.

Now I am going to take a nap.
Thank you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I know...I know...It's been too long...

What can I say. I have failed as a blogger lately. But I have some really good reasons....I think.

I have been taking classes to get my teacher's certification and I take the test tomorrow. Ironically the test has very little to do with the practical application in the classroom, but the "powers that be" say I have to know all kinds of "educational gobble-de-gook" (and yes, that is a technical term)to pass the test.



It has been quite brutal. I have been going to class 4 nights a week and my family is really taking it well. We have been eating dinner at 4:00 in the afternoon/evening just to be able to eat together. I spend time with my kiddos after they get out of school and then after I get out of school (at 9pm) I do my homework leaving me awake until the wee hours of the night/morning. I get up and do it all over again!

It has all been leading up to this point. Tomorrow morning. Nine.A.M.

It has been quite some time since I have taken a test like this...let's just say...about ten years. YIKES! I also have not studied quite like this in a few...ahem...10 years. So all of this is adding up to a couple of nerves.

To top it all off, I am having a wee bit of guilt. Caleb's birthday is today and I have been so concentrated on this test, balancing family time and church...and D all of the above, that I did not plan a birthday party for him. For some reason this always happens to Caleb. He is SO good about it too. He is laid back and so comfortable in himself that he just looks at me with those enormous brown eyes and says, "Don't worry Mommy, we can have my party in two weeks."

OMGoodness...Do you love him?

Paul says I am doing a good job of studying and balancing...I hope so. I don't want to regret any part of this. I don't want my kids to suffer in any way. I don't want to fail my test...(and waste my $120!)

Good News? The test is tomorrow.
Bad News? The test is tomorrow.

So after tomorrow things will be better. I hope. Either way the test will be over. I will either pass or fail. I have studied all I am going to study. I either know it or I don't.

He knows my every moment.
He knows the outcome of my test tomorrow.
He knows if I pass or fail.

He knows.

He. knows.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just What the Doctor ordered...

What, you ask, did the Dr. order? REST. Well the DOCTOR didn't actually order it, because I would have had to go to the Dr. to get such an order...and I didn't go to the Doctor.


I literally did a whole lot of NOTHING today. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nuttin'.

It has been quite some time since I have had a day with nothing to do. And, needless to say, the last couple of weeks have been a wee bit crazy for me and my family. The very near future is ALSO a wee bit I am very thankful that God planned this day of nothing for me today.

One of the crazy things that happened over the weekend was Jacob turned 8! I was freaking out a little bit! I am certainly NOT old enough to have an 8 year old! (just in case you were wondering)

We had a sleep over with 6 of Jacob's closest friends. They were loud. There was burping...a lot of burping. There were video games. There was hide and seek in the dark/mud. There was cake. There were presents. In the morning there were donuts and Sunny D.

There was NOT sleeping. For. A.N.Y.O.N.E.

It was a great party and we had a great time celebrating Jacob's 8th birthday. Here are the pics to prove it!

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