Saturday, December 22, 2007

It all started with the shopping...

Ok so here is part of the story I started earlier and I'll finish with a story from today...

Paul and I went shopping a couple of Saturdays ago. We had not yet bought anything and decided that we were going to do everything all in one day...First CRAZY thought that started the crazy-ness in the first place. So we drop the kids off at a friends house and begin, what I am calling, "the crazy shopping day". We started off at Target, there was (surprisingly) no one there! I had a very pre-mature thought of....Well this is going to be easy! Ok so now I was the one talking "crazy-talk". We didn't really find very much and decide to head to another store...where we know exactly what we're going to get. We leave Target guessed it...EVERYONE in the San Antonio area, all 1.3 million of them were on the road...Let the crazy-ness commence! We finally make it to Academy to get a special gift for Caleb, that he won't let us forget about, and...yep...they don't have EXACTLY what we need. We settle for something close, thinking if we don't buy this then we may not get anything at all...Lunch...Lunch was uneventful. Just a quiet lunch at Pei Wei...just the two of us! (Doesn't happen to often!) Back on the road with all the crazy circus people. We decide we need Toys R Us. Well even though SA is huge there are only 2...count them...TWO Toys R Us stores. So we call information and get the number so we can ask if they even have what we're looking for before we go clear across town...(remember all of SA is on the road 1.3 million) We call the number and they have "plenty" of what we need...that's the word they used...plenty. So we ask the lady for directions....and she eventually gives us directions to where she is...Come to find out...SHE'S AT THE CALL CENTER, NOT THE STORE! Uggghhhhghghghghghghhghg! So we finally get directions to the actual store and make it there...Crazy...There are NO parking spots. This should have been our first clue to not go in the store, but no, we didn't listen to ourselves. Paul has to drop me off at the door and drive around until someone leaves to get a parking spot. The next clue that this store might be a bad idea is that there are no shopping carts available. So since I know what I am getting I just go straight in and walk up to a lady that works there and asked where the item was that I was looking for...she said...and I quote..."If we have any they are back there." What?!? "The lady on the phone said plenty!" She promptly replied with, "The call center is stupid and they have no idea what they are talking about!" (Obviously since the lady gave me directions to the call center!) So I go back to where she told me...and you are right again!...Nothing. So Paul finally joins me, I vent a little about what good is a call center if they don't even know what is in the store, and then he brings me back to earth and encourages me to just look around and see if we can find anything...skip to two hours later....We have all the toys for our kids! We found some great stuff...including the exact thing we needed for Caleb and we ended up returning the stuff to Academy. Finally mission accomplished and we topped the day off with a vow to start Christmas shopping in August next year...yeah, like that will happen.
Fast forward to today...
We had Christmas at our house today, because of the traveling we are going to be traveling over the next several days. Let me just preface this part by saying, this is, literally, the first Christmas we have ever been able to buy anything for our kids...Early this morning we all got up, at the prompting of Caleb, and opened up our presents. It was the most wonderful morning. We had so much fun watching the joy fill our children as they opened the few gifts they had. God truly blessed our hearts today. Here are a few pics to share the joy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So I started a blog earlier...

So I started a blog earlier and I had most of these wonderful thoughts laid out in a creative whimsical story and battery died. All my beautiful words of wisdom...gone. So instead you get this pathetic little cry about how I can't, for whatever reason, keep watch on the little tiny battery that indicates to me how long I have left....and I certainly don't take the time to move my mouse over to that little battery indicator which would give me a little pop up that tells me (literally) down to the minute how much time I have left. So that's it, nothing more tonight....mostly because I am tired of typing...maybe my funny, whimsical story will grace the page of my blog tomorrow.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I totally stole this idea from my sister-in-law...but I thought it was fun so here's my take on 2007...

You know me...super big drinker...of Coke Zero! This is a new drink for me as of late, but I really like it.

2. LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD (LONGEST FRIEND) for sure my longest and dearest friend...even though we don't see each other as much as I'd like, we definitely have kindred spirits that were knit together about 10 years ago! Whoa! time flies, huh, roomie?

Magan, even though we've know each other for a long time, God has thrust us into an awesome friendship through our circumstances and I am truly grateful!

Going to Ecuador was's right up there at the top along with several circumstances when God really came through for us in all His God-ness!

When the stupid deer hit our car...that's right IT hit US! Ok here's the short version...Paul was going to a friend's house and he was slowing to a stop sign when all of the sudden something landed on the hood of the car. A deer was running/leaping across the road and misjudged where the car was and landed on the hood, busting our headlight, demolishing the right quarter panel and curling the hood up. It also broke our radiator in 3 pieces...anyway...that was the lowest point I think.

Christmas...Hands down! This is the FIRST Christmas Paul and I have had ANY money to buy anything for our children...They have gone without from us for so long and it will be such a joy to see their faces when we give them our gifts...this may be trivial to some, but it is such a blessing to us.

I really like "How You Live" by Point of Grace, also "Let the Worshippers Arise" by Pocket Full of Rocks and I'm looking forward to Mercy Me's new CD

8. MOVIE FOR 2007
Have I even seen a new movie? I remember one...The Bee was cute...We watch everything on Pay Per Transformers was good and I'm waiting for Hairspray.

I'm sure I spent it with Paul...I have no idea what we did...but I'm sure it was with him.

I wore a poodle skirt and white polo shirt...Abby and I matched. It was cute.

mine and Paul's...hands down.

Again...not much of a partier...but Magan's party was a BLAST...we ate and went bowling...just good times with great friend's!

To make a concious effort to control my's working...most of the time...

I AM NOT GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT! (maybe a little reverse psychology will work...since every other time I've said I WOULD lose weight hasn't worked!)

Grey's Anatomy

16. MOST LOYAL FRIEND(s) no particular order...Paul, Cari and Magan

Jacob going to Kindergarten...BIG STEP!

Jehovah Jireh my provider...what an amazing job He has done this year!

We'll see what He has in store for us. I'm just going to draw ever closer to Him and wait expectanly to see what He brings us!

I don't make them...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hustle and Bustle of the Season

This year things are especially "hustle-ey and bustle-ey" around our house. Here is a glimpse into the next few weeks that make up our schedule...
Dec 10th - Staff Christmas Party
Dec 14th - Youth Minstry Staff Party (at my house)
Dec 15th - Our Sunday School Party
Dec 16th - Youth and Children's Party at Church
Dec 17th - Nursery Staff Party
Dec 18th - Caleb's Gymnastics Presentation
Dec 19th - NOTHING!
Dec 20th - Jacob's Class Party
Dec 21st - Paul and I must do EVERY bit of our shopping on this's the only day! I also must wrap everything that night because...
Dec 22nd - Christmas for our house
Dec 23rd - Leave for Christmas at my parents
Dec 24th - Christmas with my parents
Dec 25th - Christmas with my grandparents
Dec 26th - Christmas with Pauls family
Dec 27th - Leave for Iowa for Brand Family Christmas
Dec 31st - Come back home

Wow! Writing it all out makes it quite a bit more daunting I think. It is going to be really hectic but we are working very hard to keep Jesus at the center of all of our hustle and bustle. I am looking forward to this season and sharing it with my family.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...etc...

Here are a few of MY favorite things this time of year...

1. Christmas Music...we have a channel on our tv that plays continuous "holiday music"'s on all the time!
2. Christmas Lights...Mine are on all the time! As soon as I get up I turn my tree on and at the first sight of dusk the outside lights come on!
3. The new "Winter" candle from White Barn Candle Co...Everyone should smell it...It's Christmas in a jar!
4. Cold weather...even though we don't get much here in San Antonio...I really like to wear long sleeves, coats, hats, mittens and scarves!
5. Christmas shopping...I know I'm wierd...but I LIKE the hustle and bustle. I like to go to the mall and spend time walking around, shopping, carrying packages.
6. Wrapping presents...I like to watch either Bing Crosby's White Christmas AND/OR National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and wrap all the presents all at once!
7. My two FAVORITE christmas movies in no particular order are...Bing Crosby's White Christmas and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! They are my FAVORITE'S for VERY different reasons but none the FAVORITES!
8. Cooking...this is a new one! I am very excited to cook this year for TWO holiday parties at my house...of course very laid back...but new recipes will be tried!
9. Decorating my fun...this year especially because my children were having fun's really the first year they have been old enough to be helpful.
10.Seeing my children place Nativity sets around the house...I'll explain. As I go around the house setting up the nativity sets I set them..."correctly" know with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus set accordingly and the shepherds and wise men set off to the side...exactly perfect, the angel on top. As soon as they are set up my children go around behind me and "fix" them. At first I was kind of annoyed because they were now "messed up" then I asked Jacob why he was doing what he was doing. He was placing all the "characters" of the nativity in a tight circle around the baby Jesus. I said, "Son why are you doing that?" He very politely and sweetly said, "They came to see Jesus mommy, they just want to be close to see Him." From now on my nativity sets stay exactly that way...All the characters placed in a tight circle around Jesus. After all they just wanted to be close to Him.

Thank you Jesus for the wonderful reminder of why You came to earth in the first place.