Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Pinterest-y kind of day!

So it's been forever since I have blogged... Oh well Moving on. I spent the first part of this summer very ill with a weird infection in my tonsils which (long story short) led me to have my tonsils removed. I spent the first part of this summer on the couch...literally...for 3 straight weeks. I passed the time on Pinterest gathering ideas for my classroom as well as ways to organize my house or clean it or decorate it. Well, after a wonderful week of rehab at my parents house, I am finally home and ready to get started on all those Pinterest projects I pinned! Today I accomplished some kitchen items. Now some of these may be ridiculous to you, but my kitchen is on it's way to Better Homes and Garden's front page...ok, maybe not that... Anyway, I cleaned/disinfected all my counter tops AND cabinets today. If you have seen my kitchen, you know that I have approximately 9000 cabinet doors, so this was a feat. I also made DIY scentsy nuggets (I don't know what else to call them) with my leftover candles. This was awesome and SO easy! I also made a fruit fly catcher. This one, sadly, is the one I am most excited about! I have a ba-jillion fruit fly's in my kitchen. They are so annoying and I want them gone...without getting rid of my fruit! I started cleaning my grout and will have to continue this over the course of the week. I never thought I would enjoy cleaning my kitchen so well, but after so many weeks just sitting on the couch, it feels so wonderful to be ABLE to clean my kitchen. I am going to ride this wave this week and get my house clean! This might be a good time to visit...just saying...it's not like this all the time!