Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phone Photo Phun

These are some pics from my phone...hence the title..."Phone Photo Phun" Yes I know, I know, that's not how you spell "fun" but I was going for some alliteration...humor me ok people. Anyway. Here are some fun pics from my phone that I thought I would share with all both of my readers.

Caleb's "loose" tooth turned into a "lost" tooth.

Jacob "working" at an old western barn cleaning a branch to make into a table leg. He learned real quick like that he enjoyed his modern day pre-made furniture.

Jacob and his dinosaur diorama he made for a project and for his Dinosaur Rock music program. He did "most" of the work himself. I of course used the glue gun but he did the rest...except for the flying pteradactl...daddy flew him.

Caleb holding a baby mouse that the Kindergarten teachers had...don't worry...they are pets. In case you were thinking the brand new school they just opened was infested...rest assured...they are pet mice that the Kindergarten teacher raises to feed to the snake...you read it correctly...

Me and my Snuggie...yep...I am the proud owner of a leopard print Snuggie. I even took it to my class the day I was sick. ummmm...yesIdid...I said I was a PROUD owner.

Abby and her bestie friend Ginger and their make-up action. And yes...they look eerily like sisters.

Abby and her bestie friend Ginger. They were dressing up...but not as street walkers as you might first think...oh no...they are clearly Disney princesses!