Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sickness always comes at the most inappropriate times.....

Last weekend Paul and I went to Midland to teach at a D-Now and spend some time with our friends Chad and Jodee. When we got back things were back to normal for a few days until Paul left for Houston for a man trip/working weekend.
The day he left I wasn't feeling bad, but not know, not great, but not bad enough to not do anything...I took some medicine and started feeling better so I helped my friend paint her house that she was moving into this weekend. I helped for two days and by the end of the second day, I was not doing well. I went home put the kids to bed and fell asleep on the couch and then proceeded to wake up every hour. With each passing hour I was feeling worse and worse.
By Saturday morning I was feeling horrible. Paul was not due home until about 5:30; so I knew I just had to make it through the day, but I was feeling really bad. I managed to make it to the couch so I could at least be in the middle of the house and I could at the VERY least keep half an eye on my kids. The kids were awake so I gathered them together at the couch and gave them the "mommy is really sick so you have to be really good" speech. For the most part they were excellent! Of course since I was down and out for the better part of the day they had M&M's for breakfast, with candy for a snack, then they had Pop Tarts and Laffy Taffy for lunch. Towards the afternoon I started to feel a little better and I decided that the kids should eat something more healthy so I told Jacob to bring me some apples and a knife...(I know I get mother of the year asking my six year old to bring me a knife...whatever!) So he does exactly that, he brings me a knife and I cut the kids some apple slices and then Jacob puts the knife in the sink and I lay back down. Everytime the kids wanted something to drink Jacob would bring the milk jug to me and the cups and I would lean over the couch pour them milk and then Jacob would put the milk back in the fridge.
Needless to stay my house looked like it had been run by the kids all day...oh was! The kids totally took over and thankfully no one was hurt, they didn't fight, Jacob was a HUGE help to me, there were M&M's everywhere, Laffy Taffy wrappers, toys littered every inch of the house, Caleb changed clothes, like, 100 times, so of course, his discards were everywhere!
Paul finally made it home and he started putting things back in order and he fixed the kids a "real" dinner of...wait for it...frozen pizza. Well it's better than M&M's and Laffy Taffy, at least there was bread, cheese, meat, that's 3 of the main food groups...oh and don't forget tomato sauce...that's a vegetable...or a fruit...whatever.
Don't worry, everything is getting back to normal as I am sitting upright to type this blog...that's improvement people! So I imagine that I will spend the better part of this week house.

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Jennifer Raack said...

And it was probably one of the funnest days your kids have ever had! I mean, what kids wouldn't think it was great to eat candy all day?! lol....

Glad you are feeling better!