Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome to my world...

So Yesterday (Wednesday) was a normal day until this one thing happened.

The kids and I were waiting for Paul to come home from work. He was due in about 3:30 so we were just hanging around...waiting. We hear the door open and then close and so we go to the kitchen to greet daddy. As I go into the kitchen I see Paul grabbing a metal spatula and another kitchen utensil that I can't exactly make out. He is also grabbing a ziploc bag...and SMILING like he has just been caught.

So of course I ask Him, "What are you doing"
He said, "This is an answer to prayer."
And I said, "What? My spatula?"

And He said.........

"No, Caroline (the cat) threw up! and I need some throw up for my bible study illustration tonight for small group."

So he proceeds to "scoop" the cat throw up into the bag with my spatula and what I now know is a rubber spatula and put it on the top of the refridgerator until small group that night.

Welcome to my world, people, welcome to my world.


Whitney said...

I was coming to your blog to say again...let's get together. I still want to but I don't think I'll be letting you cook for me anytime soon! Just kidding! You do have an exciting me and let's find a time to get together now that's school has started.

Jennifer Raack said...

That sounds like something my Paul would do!! Of course, I would have then thrown the spatula away because it would have grossed me out so badly! How funny! Praise God for the small things, like cat barf at just the right time! lol!!