Sunday, February 8, 2009

But mommy, I can still whistle.

So Saturday was kind of a relaxing day. Jacob had a basketball game early and then we were home for the rest of the day...a total rarity around here as you may know. Anyway.

I did some scrapbooking and quickly learned that I needed to go spend an hour or four at Hobby Lobby selecting the paper I needed. So I decided that I would just totally relax and watch some tv.

Paul ran over to the church to check on some things and Abby tagged along. The boys were very nicely playing a game of T-ball. This is a new thing that they are into. They have worked out the perfect balance of hitting, catching and scoring for two people playing.

I had just gotten really comfortable and then I heard it...

The scream...

The kind that says to a mom, "I need to hurry! This is for real!"

So I start walked, rather fast, to the back door and I was mentally preparing myself for any number of injuries. I knew the boys were playing t-ball so I was thinking, something involving the bat...hmmm. I knew the scream was from Caleb and I haven't heard him take a breath yet, so this is going to be bad. I was prepared for large amounts of blood, unusually large knots, and, of course...missing teeth.

I get outside and I see Jacob hugging Caleb and Jacob is crying too. He said, "Mommy I am so sorry, it was an accident, he just walked in my way!" I told Jacob he was not in trouble and that everything would be ok.

This is the point that I get my first glimpse of Caleb. He is bleeding from the mouth and has the BIGGEST, FATTEST lip I have ever seen! His top lip was busted and it was so swollen that it drooped down below his bottom lip. I couldn't even look at his teeth because his lip was so swollen. So we got an ice pack and held that on his lip for a while. After about 20 or 30 minutes the swelling was finally down enough for me to see his teeth and praise the Lord all his teeth were in the right place and not loose. How exactly...I'm not sure...literally a miracle.

So I loved on Caleb for a long time and I tried to make a fat lip as cool as possible. He was very concerned that people would laugh at him. So I made the fat lip cool and finally after a couple of hours of feeling sorry for himself he comes running into the living room and jumps in my lap and says,

"Mommy, listen, at least I can still whistle!"

His fat lip makes a perfect little aperture to whistle through! I said, " Well Hallelujah!"

And that was the end of feeling sorry for himself, because, after all, he can still whistle.

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Jennifer Raack said...

Awww...poor little guy. I am amazed his teeth were ok...God is good!