Thursday, March 26, 2009

For the love of my children...I went camping.

That's right people. I went camping. Can I just say there is a REASON my husband calls me "City". I'm not what you would call the outdoors-y type. Don't get me wrong. I like to be outside, play sports, swim, picnic and such...but sleeping outside, cooking outside etc...not exactly my idea of a good time. But my children were excited beyond belief. They had never been camping and that fact just increased the excitement level among them. They were ready. So I said ok and we made the plans and then we packed up and headed to Blanco State Park to enjoy the great out-of-doors.

We got there and Paul set up the tent, we fished (**notice** I did NOT say "catched"), we cooked hotdogs on the fire and of course marshmallows...half a bag, mind you! We didn't do smores...because after kids only cared about the "smarshmallows." Why waste valuable packing space with crazy things like chocolate or graham crackers. Then came the sleeping part.

Sleeping for the kids...easy. They actually elected on their own...all three of go to bed. You know...because sleeping in a tent is loads of fun. Paul and I on the other hand...

No real sleeping occurred. I was concerned about keeping the kids warm because it was cooler than we expected, we forgot our pillows so we had to use towels rolled up. Not the softest of the things to sleep on. Then there was the fact that we were sleeping straight on the ground. Of course Paul would tell you that there was a tarp and the bottom of the tent between us and the ground. I say we slept on the ground.

All in all we had a great time and I ***gulp***would do it again...but only for the love of my children.

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Chad and Jodee said...

Mother of the year and wife of the year goes to you! For sure!