Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caleb Says the Darndest Things...

...and sometimes Paul and I just look at each other and say, "He gets it." Lately Caleb has been having all manner of Spiritual conversations with Paul and I. Today it stemmed from a song that we are singing at church tomorrow called Love Shines. It has a line in the chorus that says, "Love shines, love shines at Calvary Calvary And we proclaim that Jesus reigns in victory victory" On the way home from dove hunting tonight, Caleb was trying wrap his brain around the "love shines at Calvary" part. He was struggling to understand how God's love "shines" from Calvary. So Paul explained that Calvary is where Jesus died for our sins and how Calvary is the epicenter from which God's love is spread to the rest of the world. Caleb, in his own little mind, said, "So it's like an Army base that has a gas explosion? When the gas explodes then it floats out to all the surrounding area. Just like God's love explodes out from Calvary." I have no idea why it has to be an Army base...except he is a boy and most things = "Army". I have no idea why, in his own mind, a gas explosion comes to mind when he thinks of God's love spreading out from Calvary, but it does. I have no idea what paths his thinking takes on a regular basis to get to an understanding that is all his own, but God has wired him that way. Only my precious one compares God's love to a gas explosion and, in his own mind, he gets it.

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