Monday, January 21, 2008

Curse the Mountain Cedar!!!!

In San Antonio, there are many wonderful things. For example, Sea World, the Riverwalk, beautiful scenery, amazing weather, Fiesta Texas, tons of places to take the kids, the SA zoo...AND...the NOT-SO-WONDERFUL MOUNTAIN CEDAR.
This is a phenomenon that I was not expecting when we moved here. I have NEVER had allergies, in all my 29 (yikes) years I have not found anything that I am allergic to. I never suffered from seasonal allergies, I am not allergic to any medications, making it easy to knock out sickness, I am not allergic to any animals, so we had some...nothing...until...I moved to San Antonio.
Mountain Cedar is a pollen that floats through the air and ails people for the months of December and January. Here in San Antonio you can actually SEE it floating through the air. It coats everything in its path with a yellow-ish/gold film, your car, the trees, the fences, whatever is in its way. Last week the pollen was so bad that it actually showed up on the doppler radar and they showed pictures of it in real looks like fog blowing through the trees.
So all of this to say, I AM APPARENTLY ALLERGIC TO MOUNTAIN CEDAR! It is so frustrating. I am sniffling and sneezing, sneezing, sneezing, all the time these days. My eyes water so much I can't even keep makeup on, I have been through more paper towels, napkins, toilet paper and kleenex in the last two months than in the entire previous year! I am so over mountain cedar. Hopefully the "season" is coming to an end and I will return to normal, until next "season" of course....

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