Monday, January 28, 2008

The Transformers Party

Saturday we had Jacob's birthday party! We had such a wonderful time. Here is a rundown of the planning and party events!
Friday night I bake the cake so it will be ready to frost the next morning. Jacob picks out a design that I know I can't do but I am going to try anyway. The rest of the night we decorate and get everything cleaned up and ready to go, save the cake.
Saturday morning, I get up early and run to HEB to get the stuff for the icing and come back to begin. I get the colors mixed and begin the process of trying to make the top of this cake look like the picture of Optimus Prime Jacob picked out. The problem is not the shape or proportion...I can do that...what I can't do is shade the icing. So I have a cake with a picture on it of, what kind of, sort of, looks like Optimus...I call Jacob in to look at it. He takes a long look at the cake and in the sweetest, most innocent, beautiful voice, he says, looking into my eyes, "Is that the best you can do mommy?"
I immediately burst into tears...not because my feelings were hurt...because they weren't...but because I could not do what he wanted me to do. That broke my heart. As soon as he saw me crying he quickly changed his tune to, "But I really like it mommy!" I told him he was sweet, but he didn't have to like it...
So...I scraped the icing off into the sink, flipped the cake over and began again! This time I went with my original idea and it turned out much better! This time when Jacob saw the cake (whether he liked it or not) he gave me a big hug and said it was the best cake ever...(I think daddy got to him before he saw the cake) At any rate it made me feel awesome!
After the cake fiasco, we readied ourselves for the party and at two o'clock the guests started to arrive, everyone got to come, except one little we had seven 5-6 year old boys running around our backyard for two hours and we only had 3 bleeding! I count this a success! Two of the boys who ended up bleeding (due to the trampoline and see saw) were dropped off and so we had to deal with them until their parents came to pick them up. The other "bleeder" was Caleb. He came running into the house with a bloody nose and said to him, as he flew by me, "Son, your nose is bleeding!" He said, "I know, I'm going to go see it!" He did not want me to tend to him at all until he saw the blood running down his face. When he made his way back into the kitchen, where I was waiting, he said, "This is so cool mom, my nose is bleeding!" Then...he wouldn't let me wipe it all off so he could have a bloody nose....whatever...boys.....
All in all the party was a great success, Jacob and his friends had a great time and that was enough for me. That night, totally unprovoked, Jacob came and sat in my lap, kissed me, and told me, "That was the best party ever!" As soon as he was out of eyesight and earshot...I burst into tears...Oh the sorrow and JOY children bring.

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Jennifer Raack said...

Oh, I am so glad the Transformer birthday party was a huge success. I want to see a picture of the cake!

And those joyful/tearful moments are great aren't they?! I am so glad you got to experience such a wonderful pull on your heartstrings.