Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thank you God for Washing Machines

I title this blog "Thank you God for Washing Machines" because

1. I do NOT care to go back to the days of washing boards, wooden barrels, bar soap, and clothes lines
2. They still haven't invented clothes that wash themselves

so...a little back story...When we moved here (to San Antonio) about a year and a half ago, our washer would occasionally leak water when I would run several loads of wash in a row. (No I don't keep up...so I end up running several..or all...the loads in a row!) ANYWAY...it would leak a little water, nothing to squawk at we would just wipe it up and go on about our business. Then we noticed that the water was leaking more often. We still did nothing about it because we are on a well and don't have a water bill...so who cares about a little water leak. Then it really started to get serious...in the words of the WonderPets, "This...is...serious." The leak was getting worse and worse. I was having to keep 3 towels around the washer just to keep the water from going all over the floor. Then we decided, maybe we should try and get someone to come look at it and see if we can get it fixed.

So began the "Repair Man Saga" I called the first place that had a catchy ad in the phone book, and told them what kind of washer I had...I got all the way to the fact that I had a front loading washer...to which he immediately replied, "I don't work on front loaders, and good luck finding someone who does."

Oh great! So I call 3 more people...same verse, same song...noone will come work on my front loader! I finally get someone who will at least come out to my house. I made an appointment for this morning between 9am and Noon (ugh for the 3 hour wait period) and he shows up at 11:30. Paul was home so he greeted the man at the door. He walks all the way in my house to my laundry took one look at my washer and said, "Oh sorry, I forgot to ask...I don't work on front loaders." ARE YOU SERIOUS? So he gives us his reasons and leaves...I still have noone to fix my leaking washer!

Finally, I get on the web, look up my brand of washer on the web found some repairers who WOULD work on my front loader and they all are from in San Antonio, so I have to pay milage...75 cents a mile! Thank you gas prices! And to boot, all the parts are going to be "very expensive" according to the companies I spoke to...

Meanwhile Paul is searching CraigsList for a set. He finds one, calls the guy and sets up a time to go take a look tonight. To make a long story even longer...He goes out there with a friend and takes a look at a 1 year old washer/dryer set that has only been used about 20 times. He buys and comes home with it! Wait til I tell you how much he paid for it! Wait...wait...wait... He only paid $300! That's right...$300! For a 1 year old washer AND dryer! Praise the Lord! So I go back to where I started from...

Thank you God for Washing Machines!


Georgia's blog said...

love th washer/dryer story... maybe oneday I will find a new set on craigslist...



Jennifer Raack said...

Oh my goodness....are the new ones front loaders as well? Either way, what an excellent deal!!

I absolutely loathe laundry. I could not imagine what would happen to my family if I had to use washing boards, wooden barrels, bar soap, and clothes lines.....I think they would just have to go everywhere naked!!! lol!