Thursday, September 11, 2008

God uses pagans....

Ok, so my friends aren't necessarily "pagans" per se...however, they are certainly are not believers in Jesus. I went to a jewelry party tonight...totally out of obligation. A friend of mine donated to the Alzheimer's Walk that we are participating in and then invited me to her I went.

(by the way if you would like to donate to our walk, please copy this link and go to my webpage!

And I thank you;)

Anyway, so I go to this party where there is plenty of beer, wine and other beverages that I don't drink and plenty of words flying around....that I don't say. We are looking at jewelry and talking and about two hours after the party starts a lady walked in really upset and begins to tell a story to the host (my friend) about her daughter. She is 5 years old and can do EVERYTHING a 5 year old can do...with one exception. She has a communication delay. In other words she understands everything you say, she comprehends everything, she can do and act in accordance with everything you say, but she cannot verbally or expressively communicate back to you. She has struggled with speech but she has made some incredible strides and her pediatrician said that after two years in a school program (not public school) you would never know that she had a problem.

The reason the mom was so upset is because the pre-school her daughter was in called her today and told her to come get her child because they "could do nothing with her." She was told not to bring her back, also.


I was floored. Another church in our area turned down an opportunity to minister to this family, for no good reason. I realize she is developmentally delayed...but according to her mother (who is a nurse by the way) she is NOT retarded, she is NOT special needs, she is NOT autistic...She just has trouble communicating. She knows what she wants to say, but cannot turn the thoughts into words and get the words out of her mouth.

I was so devastated at the notion that this church would not help her. She is sitting at this jewelry party bawling her eyes out because she just wants someone to love on her daughter. Her daughter needs stimulation and a classroom and a teacher to challenge her and teach her new words....because her issue is not learning. She can learn and is learning new words all the time and working toward communicating.

Since we have just opened our Mother's Day Out I began talking to her about our program and as soon as I did, I realized my entire purpose for coming to the party. I spoke with her and her daughter will begin our program on Tuesday! God used a seriously ungodly people and place to accomplish his purpose. I had a Divinely appointed meeting with that lady tonight and I thank God that He prompted me to go.

I hope I never underestimate the power of God to use ungodly people and circumstances to accomplish His will. His will pevails over all.


Justin and Michelle said...

That is so awesome! It is so tempting to create "holy huddles" and exclude the world, but this is totally an example of why we shouldn't!


Jennifer Raack said...

I love it when God works this way. For some reason it brings me so much joy when I see Him working in situations and places that our human minds would deem of limits to Him! Just shows how we put limits on what He can do and how He proves to us just how Mighty He is!!