Monday, September 22, 2008

So for my 100th post...

I am going on a media fast. That's right. A media fast. It's part of a Bible Study that Paul is taking the youth through. This is our 4th time to go through it as a family. So for the next 21 days there will be no computer (except for work), no tv, no XBOX, no blogging, no facebook. Occasionally if the sky looks dark we'll check to make sure there is no danger...other than media.

This will be an interesting time in our family. The last time we did this the kids were hardly watching cartoons so it wasn't that hard. This time they love cartoons (all three of them) and they love to play XBOX. So it will definitely be a bigger challenge this time. We have lots of things planned. We are going to clean out our play room and give the toys to Hurricane Ike victims. We are hoping to go, as a family, to Port San Antonio and serve food to Hurricane Ike victims. There are still several thousand people displaced to Port San Antonio. We will play games, we will play outside, just spending time together. We are going to read Bible stories do crafts, all kinds of things...just to be together with little distraction.

So don't lose heart...I'll be back in 21 days! Maybe my 101st post will be about the amazing things that God has done over the last 21 days!

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Jennifer Raack said...

When you're done fasting, check out my've been tagged!

Hope you're doing well!