Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Crazy Chaos...

My blog is suffering! I was looking at my calendar just a little bit ago...and Oh My Soul...It is slat full of things to do. Thankfully Paul and I have all of our shopping done and now we are just going day to day, event to event. There is something for everyone on every day for the next 7 days! CRAZY. I'm sure most of you can relate. For some reason EVERY single Christmas party seems to fall this week. Noone wanted to spread things out, or start early...oh well. My Christmas cards are not even done...well, they are done on my computer...does that count? Probably not. I guess it would be better if I actually printed the cards out and pu them in the mail. We'll see.
I am excited about one thing for sure. This Saturday we are taking the students from our church to the Christian Hope Resource Center. We are also taking our own personal children. The CHRC is a place where the less fortunate people of San Antonio can come and receive food, toys and clothes. I am so looking forward to showing my children what it means to serve others. We are actually going to start the process on Tuesday night by cleaning out their playroom. They will each fill a paper sack of toys that they don't want anymore, or are too old for. Then we will take the toys with us to CHRC. The kids will help the students and us hand out toys and clothes and food. I am really praying that this is an awesome learning experience for them. I want them to see the whole process of giving. That's why we are starting with them cleaning out their playroom, I hope it will give them a "full circle" view to serving other. I will let you know how it turns out!

We hope your Christmas is Merry and your New Year is Happy!

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