Friday, December 5, 2008

Superheroes and a Royal Ball

In our Preschool AWANA time...only called that because the bigger kiddos actually do AWANA's...we started working our way through the Bible learning different stories that correlated with each other. Our first unit was Superheroes. We talked about Joshua, Daniel, David, Nehemiah, Gideon and Elijah. All people in the Bible who had supernatural experiences as God used them to do extraordinary things. We ended the unit with a superhero party! Here are my two little superheroes! We had a great time...and the kids had a great time pretending to be superheroes, all the while celebrating the true Superhero!

The unit that we just finished was on Kings and Queens/Important Women of the Bible. We talked about Kings Solomon, Manasseh and Josiah and we also talked about Judge Deborah, Queen Esther and Ruth and Naomi. So to follow suit with our plan, we had a Royal Ball at the end of that unit! This was more fun than the Superhero party. The kids were so excited to pretend to be Kings and Queens. They were so well was as if they were REAL Kings and Queens! The kids were so cute when they set the head of the table for Jesus. There was a "fancy" crown in His chair so they would know that it was His chair! So fun! We had a great time...enjoy the pics!

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Jennifer Raack said...

How cute! Your kids are so adorable! The best looking superheroes I've ever seen!