Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I vacuumed up crayons and Lego's today.

That's right people. I did it. It all started yesterday when I looked at the playroom and my blood IMMEDIATELY began to boil. I got cold sweats. My hair started to stand on edge. I started saying things my mother used to say. It was a bad feeling.

So I walked away from the playroom and decided I needed to do some serious prayer and meditation before I was going to clean the playroom. I was going to need the Holy Spirit to physically guide me in wading through the mounds and MOUNDS of toys, broken crayons, play clothes and baby dolls. Not to mention the other foot-penetrating items such as GI Joes, Army guys...and their minuscule guns, LEGOS (are the worst, by the way...they have SHARP corners!) matchbox cars, play rings and other jewelry and...the...list...could...go...on...f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

So I closed the door...Out of sight...out of mind right?

Then this morning I walked past the playroom and again all the emotions and feelings previously mentioned came barrelling back in a blaze of glory. Something must be done. So...I went to Curves. I decided a good workout would gear me up for some playroom de-cluttering/throwing away...um...errr....I mean "CLEANING".

As I pull into the driveway...I know it's coming. Oh the dread...Oh the horror. I walk in the door and Paul greets me to tell me that Jacob (my 7 year old) has cleaned the playroom.

***enter Champagne falling from the Heavens, confetti streaming through the air and a chorus of angels singing HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!***

My son, my blessed son has cleaned the playroom! Oh how the love is springing forth from my heart!

I go check it out and he has done a FANTASTIC job...Like a mom-type clean, not a kid-type clean...and if you have kids...you totally get this right now.

The only thing left is to vacuum. He really is to small to maneuver it so I tell him, as the BEST MOM E.V.E.R. that I would vacuum for him. (He actually jumped in my arms and squeezed my neck saying thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou....iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou. It was precious.

Of course I notice a few straggling crayons, legos, teeny tiny guns...and such. Jacob asked me if I wanted him to finish picking those up and I looked at him with a smile and said, "No son, I'll take it from here."

So Paul brought me the vacuum and I commenced with the vacuuming. And up goes the remaining crayons, legos, super small guns and an undisclosed amount of roly poly's. We sort of have an epidemic around here of dead roly poly's. Any way.

After all is done Jacob comes to me and says, "Mom, where's my money?"
"What son?"
"My money? Daddy said I could have $6.00 to clean the playroom, but since you vacuumed I'll just take $5.00"


Again, the Mom-Of-The-Year Award goes to......................



live_selfless said...

good stuff momma. way to instruct the heart of your baby boy. :)

Richard Eccles said...

why did you vacum the remaining crayons legos and guns
that is mean

Simon said...

Agree to live selfless.
Well done and suck up more.