Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mission Trip San Antonio

This week we are finally getting to take the mission trip that was scheduled for Spring Break. Originally we were supposed to go to Mexico and build some houses for people who didn't have one...and by "house"...I mean 4 walls and a roof...no floor. So yes, we are qualified...


This week we are on the South side of San Antonio in partnership with Christian Hope Resource Center...hereafter CHRC. This place is a well oiled machine of food and clothes distribution as well as Bible classes and counseling for anyone who needs it. It's a neat place to serve locally and we enjoy working there.

This week is their Vacation Bible School. We, of course, are staffing a large portion of their VBS staff. So far so good. The administraion there is impressed with our group and we, of course, are impressed with God and the things He is accomplishing this week.

After the VBS time...of course we could not just be done for the day...that would be too easy! So we also partnered with a local church who has a skateboarding ministry. It is appropriately called Skate Church. Anyway, they wanted the outside of their building to be painted Army Green...so we are painting.

This mission trip is also different for Paul and I because we have all three of our kids with us. This is a first for us. Paul and I have a huge spot in our heart for missions and we try to make it a large part of our lives. We want that for our kids to. We understand that we live in a modern day Babylon and the quickest way to be sucked into the Babylonian Empire is to lose sight of the NEED around us. It's in our backyard and we are almost numb to it. So this week, as a family, we are ripping the blinders off our eyes and staring the NEED in the face. We are dealing with it as a family. The kids are not participating in VBS this week they are working...hard. Today was the first day of VBS and they all did a great job. Yesterday as we were setting up they moved chairs, stacked boxes, swept floors and prepared food boxes. They. worked. hard.

We also painted today. I don't have any pics of that...well...because...I was too busy telling my kids to stop STEPPING in the paint. Stop putting your HANDS IN THE BUCKET! Stop painting OTHER PEOPLE! Wipe up all your DRIPS! Yes...I was to busy for the picture taking, you see...

I did get these yesterday though...when they were the hard-working people!

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