Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday decor, travels and such...

This week is, I know that is a blinding glimpse of the obvious...anyway.

This week is Thanksgiving and we always have lots of things to do. Our schools are not out yet so we will hang out here until Wednesday morning. We have all kinds of Thanksgiving festivities with the kids classes that happen to ALL be TOMORROW! So I will figure that out with my cloning machine later tonight. My house also needs to be cleaned before we leave because...well just because. So I am hoping to make an appointment with the Free House Cleaning Fairy. Hopefully she will be able to work us in!

I have already decorated my house for Christmas. Ok, Ok! For all of you who are cussing me right now because I jumped the gun on the decorating, please stop and hear me out! Because we travel, this is a necessary step in making the holidays "Merry and Bright". Waiting until we get home is NOT merry and bright! It makes for ugly and dull around my house. This weeked I spent a wonderful time with my family decorating. It was stress-free and happy. I was not trying to get 3 kids to come down from the Nana-izing that will occur this coming weekend. I was not sick of being in the car for-e.v.e.r. because all 5 million college students are on the road with us. We drank hot chocolate, we decorated and it was pleasant. And here are the pics to prove it.

So when we leave on Wednesday, we will be headed North along with, as I said earlier, 5 million college students! This is a phenomenon that we were not aware of when we moved here! Then the first time we went back north for the holidays it took us 9 (NINE!) hours to get back! For those of you who don't know, that is about 4 (FOUR!) hours TOO LONG! We then started thinking it through and figured out that many, MANY colleges are between here and there and everyone travels on the same days! Not so much fun. So, here's hoping that we miss the college rush! Maybe they will sleep in on Wednesday while we get up early and go!

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