Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Abby's Frogs

Please allow me to introduce the newest members of our family. Please meet Daddy, Mommy and Baby Frog. In case you can't make out who's who...The large circle is Daddy. The teeny tiny circle is Baby....I promise there is a frog in that circle! And the circle close to the "log" is Mommy.

About 2 weeks ago, Abby caught these frogs in our yard. She LOVES them. They are HER pets. She feeds them mealworms...ewww...that have to stay in my fridge...double ewww... She gives them water. She picks them up and holds them so they can "get warm". Don't worry, it's not like an "Of Mice and Men" situation or anything. She just likes to hold them!

The previous frogs we have owned have always found a home in the boys' room, but since she caught these all by herself, they get to live with her. I am really proud of the way that Abby has taken responsibility for her pets!

After all, doesn't everyone give their frogs water from a plastic teapot?

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