Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I'm about to write a blog that is completely stream of consciousness. Something many of my English teachers over the years would highly disapprove of, but they aren't here. I'm in charge of this blog and so I'll do what I want.

Anyway. Tomorrow starts a new journey in our lives. I will begin my first year teaching Kindergarten. I'm excited and nervous and then excited again. Hopefully all goes well. I have 21 students in my class and my principal asked me the other day if I was, "ok with that." First of all, do I have a choice? I didn't say that...I said, "sure, I've got God on my side." Not really sure why that was my answer, but it was and she was really excited/impressed by that. Ok. My kids start school tomorrow too. I now have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader and a 3rd grader. 2/5 of my family will be spending the majority of their day speaking Spanish...that's a little strange. Paul is REALLY excited about all of us going back to school. He will get his days back and and be able to get "a bunch of stuff done."

I'm watching the Cowboys right now and eating popcorn and chomping ice while I write this and I've told my kids to go get back in bed at least a bajillion times since 8:00. Apparently it's too hard to go to sleep "while it's still light outside"! When is Daylight savings time, again?

On a completely other hand. Church in our new building has been really good. No major glitches. Next week is our dedication service and our pastor announced that there will only be one service and sunday school next week which is going to make for, what I'm going to call, a "nursery nightmare" if you will. Oh well, we will get through it!

In other news, some of our best friends are moving in two weeks. I'm happy and sad all at the same time. Happy because it's going to be a better opportunity for him and his job as well as their family. Sad because, seriously? Does it have to be so soon and so far away? Ugh. I keep reminding myself to go back to the part of the story where God is in control. I reluctantly go back to that part of the story and God continually reminds me that His will is best, no matter how I feel about it.

It's now 8:24, the announcers on the game are showing pictures of New York City where it's pouring down rain. We haven't had rain in I don't know how long. It's getting pretty bad around here. It just doesn't matter if we water or not anymore. Everything is dying...even the cactus. Yep. Cactus'? oh whatever....anyway....the plants that live in the DESERT are dying!

I just had a wave of nervousness about tomorrow. I really need to get a hold of that. They can smell fear, right? Kindergarteners? oh that dogs? I'm truly looking forward to this year and one of the things I've done is commit every Monday morning to pray with and for my colleagues and I'm also praying for my class. I hope that more of my colleagues show up as a result of me inviting them over and over. I would love for God to use this opportunity as a way to bring light into a dark place.

Speaking of dark place, I just switched over to CNN during half time. Need I say more...

Ok. I'm done. I'm going to finish up this evening watching mindless tv with my husband and I hope I sleep well tonight.

doubt it.

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