Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jacob gets a 4!

Well, it's been no secret around these parts that Jacob has had some struggles in writing. His teacher has really helped him along and today he brought home a practice writing test with a 4! In the standardized testing world a 4 is AWESOME! I know you are all just dying to know what he wrote about...well...here it is! Forgive the typos, I'm going to type it exactly.

Chairs are an amazing invention. There are all kinds of chairs. There are baboon chairs, wooden chairs, metal chairs, plastic chairs, and cushion chairs that roll. They even use chairs in the most poorest places on earth.
I use chairs every I go. I use them in church, school and in the movies. Who likes standing up for six hours? Who would stand for a movie? I know you stand up for singing but thats a defferent story. Because the invention of chairs I don't have to stand. I'm not bored and my legs don't go to sleep on me. Even bleachers are great kinds of chairs for football, baseball and soccer.
When I have a chair to sit in I am comfortable. I'm off the floor and it's awesome to have a great invention to sit it.

Ok seriously, is that not the greatest paper you have read on chairs in the last five minutes? I am just over the moon at how organized and well written this paper is...and since Jacob wrote it and he is proud of it, that just makes it better!

So, while you are sitting here reading this blog, take a moment and reflect on the awesome invention underneath you!

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Molly Johnson said...

I'm very impressed--not sure some of my freshmen students would be that creative!