Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fourth Grade Journal Prompts

I downloaded this journal prompt packet to better help Jacob in his writing and I thought I would give one of the prompts a try...

Here goes...

"What is your favorite month?"

This one is EASY!

I love November. I love it for MANY reasons. I'll use a list to make my case..

1. November is the official beginning of fall for me. I know it's not the official start of fall on the calendar, but somehow, it just doesn't feel like fall to me until November.
2. NOVEMBER IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! I just love my birthday and I LOVE celebrating it for longer than a day!
3. November is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the first of the Holidays and it's the best time of year...until Spring comes along and then I feel like THAT is the best time of year...until Summer comes along and then I feel like THAT is the best time of year....until Fall comes around.....
4. Starbucks red holiday cups come out!
5. This year the boys did not play football and so I am LOVING the fact that we are getting to spend some quality family time more often than not.
6. FALL WEATHER! After a blistering South Texas Summer, I am really enjoying the cooler temperatures that make it much easier to be outside with the kids. (see number 5)
7. Scarves. November means cooler temps (see number 6) so I don't look like such a dork with my scarves around my neck!
8. Christmas movies! As soon as November rolls around, I feel much more validated in the watching of various Christmas that I love including such classics as: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Irving Berlin's White Christmas and The Santa Clause trilogy as well as some newer "classics" such as: Elf, Christmas With The Kranks, and The Polar Express.

Well, that's it. The reasons I love November!

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