Monday, November 5, 2007

Going to Ecuador...

Paul and I are leaving on Friday for Ecuador. I will blog from there as I get chances, so keep checking back for updates on our trip. Until then I would like to offer some prayer requests for you to pray about. There are several components all working together for us to be able to go...where are kids are staying, going to school, travel...etc.

Please pray:

*For safe travel for Paul and I to and from Ecuador
*For safe travel within Ecuador
*For Jacob who will be with Beau and Magan for a week before joing with my parents
*For Jacob as he goes to school for a week without us, that he would be able to function and not be sad
*For Jacob's teacher to have full understanding with Jacob as we are out of the country
*For Jacob to have good behavior at school and at Beau and Magan's to make the time away easier
*For Jacob's safety as we are gone
*For Caleb and Abby who will be with my parents and Paul's dad and Charleene
*For safety for Caleb and Abby as we are gone
*For Caleb and Abby to have good behavior at G-ma's and G-pa's while we are gone to make the time away easier
*For the people of Ecuador that we will be ministering to
*For the language barrier to be burst through by the Holy Spirit so that we might communicate God's love
*For Paul and I to have a refreshing time together in a beautiful country
*(This one is from the kids)For our frogs to stay alive while we are gone
*For the trip back home after Thanksgiving - that it will be a wonderful end to our time with family and friends


Anonymous said...

I am definitely praying for your trip, for the kids, and for you and Paul. It is going to be awesome, I just know it! Love you friend! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Jennifer Raack said...

Wow, what an exciting trip to be going on!!! I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers!