Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hustle and Bustle of the Season

This year things are especially "hustle-ey and bustle-ey" around our house. Here is a glimpse into the next few weeks that make up our schedule...
Dec 10th - Staff Christmas Party
Dec 14th - Youth Minstry Staff Party (at my house)
Dec 15th - Our Sunday School Party
Dec 16th - Youth and Children's Party at Church
Dec 17th - Nursery Staff Party
Dec 18th - Caleb's Gymnastics Presentation
Dec 19th - NOTHING!
Dec 20th - Jacob's Class Party
Dec 21st - Paul and I must do EVERY bit of our shopping on this's the only day! I also must wrap everything that night because...
Dec 22nd - Christmas for our house
Dec 23rd - Leave for Christmas at my parents
Dec 24th - Christmas with my parents
Dec 25th - Christmas with my grandparents
Dec 26th - Christmas with Pauls family
Dec 27th - Leave for Iowa for Brand Family Christmas
Dec 31st - Come back home

Wow! Writing it all out makes it quite a bit more daunting I think. It is going to be really hectic but we are working very hard to keep Jesus at the center of all of our hustle and bustle. I am looking forward to this season and sharing it with my family.

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Jennifer Raack said...

I'm feel exhausted just from reading your list!!!

I pray you will all have a wonderful Christmas filled with Jesus even through all of the hustle and bustle!!