Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...etc...

Here are a few of MY favorite things this time of year...

1. Christmas Music...we have a channel on our tv that plays continuous "holiday music"'s on all the time!
2. Christmas Lights...Mine are on all the time! As soon as I get up I turn my tree on and at the first sight of dusk the outside lights come on!
3. The new "Winter" candle from White Barn Candle Co...Everyone should smell it...It's Christmas in a jar!
4. Cold weather...even though we don't get much here in San Antonio...I really like to wear long sleeves, coats, hats, mittens and scarves!
5. Christmas shopping...I know I'm wierd...but I LIKE the hustle and bustle. I like to go to the mall and spend time walking around, shopping, carrying packages.
6. Wrapping presents...I like to watch either Bing Crosby's White Christmas AND/OR National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and wrap all the presents all at once!
7. My two FAVORITE christmas movies in no particular order are...Bing Crosby's White Christmas and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! They are my FAVORITE'S for VERY different reasons but none the FAVORITES!
8. Cooking...this is a new one! I am very excited to cook this year for TWO holiday parties at my house...of course very laid back...but new recipes will be tried!
9. Decorating my fun...this year especially because my children were having fun's really the first year they have been old enough to be helpful.
10.Seeing my children place Nativity sets around the house...I'll explain. As I go around the house setting up the nativity sets I set them..."correctly" know with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus set accordingly and the shepherds and wise men set off to the side...exactly perfect, the angel on top. As soon as they are set up my children go around behind me and "fix" them. At first I was kind of annoyed because they were now "messed up" then I asked Jacob why he was doing what he was doing. He was placing all the "characters" of the nativity in a tight circle around the baby Jesus. I said, "Son why are you doing that?" He very politely and sweetly said, "They came to see Jesus mommy, they just want to be close to see Him." From now on my nativity sets stay exactly that way...All the characters placed in a tight circle around Jesus. After all they just wanted to be close to Him.

Thank you Jesus for the wonderful reminder of why You came to earth in the first place.


Chad and Jodee said...

my plan has been to call you about the GA camp. but that hasn't happened! email me and we'll talk about it. email me at my school address
i could some Tanya time! no lie!

Jennifer Raack said...

That is precious! If only our minds would think as innocently as a child's! We are supposed to be guiding our children but often times it is them who guide us! I think I will place my manger scene the same way from now on (and I'll be telling this story when anyone asks)!