Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of course we paint the kids bedrooms on our vacation...don't you?

Since we had our little "fire incident" we paid for our car to be fixed and so that meant no "vacation" per se. We were going to go to Dinosaur Valley State Park for a few days and just hang out...but now we are hanging out at the house.

Well if you know me at know I don't "hang out" very well. So since we are spending extra time at home I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to paint the kids rooms. I've wanted to do it for a while...but just didn't have time...ironic...I Know. So I'm sitting here blogging to you about painting the kids room on our "vacation"...might as well show you some pics! The rooms turned out pretty cute...and if you are thinking that Abby's room is a little bare in the bed's because her bunk beds are "in the mail"(according to her)... in real life they are on a truck headed our way! Thank you ebay! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...


Jennifer Raack said...

Very cool, I can't believe you did all of that so quickly!

By the way, I won't be showing my kids this blog because then they will be wanting me to paint their rooms and decorate and what not......besides I figure they like a more getto look since they've all decorated their rooms with trash and dirty clothes, why ruin it?!

Chad and Jodee said...

Good job! Come do the 2 bedrooms at our house!