Saturday, November 22, 2008

I don't ever get tired of this...

This is Jacob teaching the "little ones" how to set the Nativities up properly. Of course you can see that all of the "characters" are gathered around Jesus. They are not spread out evenly across the area with the shepherds on one side and the wisemen on the other. The animals are not evenly dispersed between their respective riders. Everyone is gathered around Jesus...after all "that's who they came to see, mommy, they can't see Jesus if they are way out "here"!"

For a couple of years now, Jacob has had the job of setting the Nativities up and he always sets them up this way. This year, however, he took on the job of showing Caleb and Abby the "right" way to set them up. It was really fun to watch. Thank you God for my kids.

On another note...yes Jacob has a Halloween costume on...hence the black and white's not even this year's! It was last year's costume. And yes Abby is topless...Paul and I have been praying about an effective resolve to that problem...I'll let you know. And even though it didn't get above 55 degrees today, that is my son Caleb in a sleeveless shirt...What are ya' gonna do? I OFFICIALLY give up!

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Jennifer Raack said...

That is so SWEET! What a smart boy you are Jacob!

Abby and Samantha will never be allowed to hang out until we get this shirtless thing under control (since Samantha is the same way). Those two would be in all sorts of trouble! I guess the shirtless thing seems normal when you have older brothers!