Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have a great husband

So I'm sitting here trying to decide what to blog about. Paul says, "blog about me".
So here goes...

Paul Michael Brand
Born in a Hospital...
As a baby...

No seriously...

Quite possibly the most amazing man to walk the face of the earth...after Jesus ascended into heaven of course.

We have had almost 9 years of marriage and although I have been the cause of some of the not-so-fun times, all in all...9 years of bliss...whatever bliss is.

*folds and puts away laundry
*does dishes
*picks up the house
*runs a super successful ministry
*coaches t-ball and Upward Basketball
*buys me flowers every other week (no kidding)
*is super funny
*can run fast
*loves our children...big time
*takes care of me...big time
*let's me go shopping...when I want/need to
*looks at my scrapbooking when I come home at 1am
*tends to the kids in the middle of the night
*does anything I ask and some things I don't
*is an amazing drummer
*plays the guitar
*loves to worship
*is almost 30 years old...just had to throw that in
*is right almost all the time
*thinks before he speaks
*laughs alot
*wants the very best for me and the kids
*is a really good preacher
*has a big heart for missions
*wants to change the world one student at a time
*loves buck sticks/beef jerky
*sits with me
*rubs my feet
*washes my hair when I'm sick
*lets me control the remote
*covers me with a blanket so he can crank the AC at night
*takes me out to eat when I don't want to eat
*loves dodgeball
*loves hanging out with students
*would choose me over anything

...well I could go on and on, but I'm sure if you have read this far you could care less about reading more! So I'll end now. Ok...now.



Jennifer Raack said...

What a good boy!!!

Cari said...

You are definitely blessed my friend! You could not have found a more perfect match. I was even singing the praises of Paul Brand the other day if you can belieive it! My brother told me his church, FBC-Bryan is looking for a new youth minister, and I told him that the very best youth minister I knew already had a job he loved, so I didn't have any suggestions for him. He asked me who that was, and I said, Tanya's husband, Paul. :)