Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today I was a mom.....

Ok I totally stole this idea from another blog, but this really is my day....

Today I was a mom

*I woke up at 7:00am, 15 minutes late, and somehow managed to get Jacob out the door on time to school with breakfast, a lunch and a backpack...victory.

*I worked out a Curves

*I came home, took a shower and got ready for the Bible Study at my house

*I facilitated a Bible Study in my house, while chasing my three and four year old to and from the playroom shhsh-ing them so the other ladies could hear the video

*I took my little ones to Chik-fil-a before trekking to Costco with Paul to buy concession stand stuff for the youth group

*I ran my daughter to the bathroom all the way across Costco, because "she had to go right now...."

*I come home to work a little on my preschool stuff while Paul takes the little ones to pick up Jacob from school

*I greet Jacob when he gets home only to find out that the backpack I gave him this morning as we ran out the door...WAS HIS BROTHERS, NOT HIS! Which in turn meant he did not have his agenda...which meant he couldn't turn in his homework...great.

*I chat with a friend who stops by after school for a bit

*I sit on the couch for a minute...

*Paul fixes PB&J's for dinner because we have youth small group at our house tonight

*I swallow my Lean Cuisine whole

*Then I grab the kids and head to Target to kill some time while small group is at my house

*I referee in the toy aisle's and "guide" my children in making a smart choice in another toy that we don't need, but I have no good excuse to say no...because...I actually have "dollars" in my purse.

*I take my kids to McDonald's for a sundae because by this time I seriously need a Diet Coke

*And now it's time to head home because bed time is approaching super fast

*As soon as we get home I start saying, "no more candy" "no more candy" "that is your last piece of candy"

*I brush 3 kids' teeth, wash 3 faces, clip some nasty fingernails, wipe a bottom, put lotion on a rash, find pj's, kiss 3 sets of lips, listen to 3 sweet little prayers, pray for 3 sweet little kids....

*and sit and type...

*I am a mom.

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Chad and Jodee said...

I am a wife.....
my blog is boring.....