Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My day according to Facebook

I did this a few weeks ago and I'm doing it again tonight...so there you have it.

Tanya Brand "slept in" today. (until 7:00am)

Tanya Brand waited quite impatiently for the coffee pot to finish making the coffee at the preschool..because no teaching/learning was going to take place until I had a cup of coffee. I wasn't standing there alone either.

Tanya Brand had a "conversation" with a three year old today about his attitude.

Tanya Brand cleaned white paint off the table after her class made a really cute project.

Tanya Brand facebooked while she was in line waiting to pick up the boys from school.

Tanya Brand made arrangements to help her sons kindergarten class tomorrow.

Tanya Brand came home after school and watched her kiddos play outside because today was the epitome of San Antonio's perfect weather. Sunny and 65 degrees.

Tanya Brand filled out some paperwork for a new thing she is doing and then when she looked up and out the window toward the backyard all she saw was a HUGE fire...and then I noticed that it was the burn pile.

Tanya Brand went outside to talk to her husband about the burn pile being on fire and to express out loud, in words, my concern for the children and the burning pile of stuff in the back yard.

Tanya Brand was told by her husband that he is in complete control of the burn pile.

Tanya Brand left for her something new that she is starting.

Tanya Brand ate dinner at Chick fil A and when I ordered my food the cashier completed my sentence...apparently I go there alot.

Tanya Brand started something new.

Tanya Brand came home to 3 naked little people in my house. Don't worry, they belong to me and they promptly put on PJ's and hopped into bed.

Tanya Brand prayed with 3 little people and one of those 3 little people thanked God that I was the best mommy ever....be still my beating heart! (I'm pretty sure the other 2 little people were thinking it!)

Tanya Brand is sitting on the couch, blogging and watching all manner of reality tv that is DVR'ed right now, skipping through all the commercials and watching people lose weight in record time and sing terribly...some sing well though, very well.

Tanya Brand is done typing this blog.

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Katie said...

LOVED this, and your evening last night sounds just like mine (minus the 3 little naked people) :)

Happy Wednesday!