Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's been exactly a month...

...since I last blogged!

I can only say that it has been crazy around here. For example...

Sunday: Mother's Day

Monday: PTA Training all morning, then a bunch of errands for everyone else but me, baseball practice

Tuesday: Splash Day at PreSchool, Kindergarten program/PTA mtg where I was elected president...yep.

Wednesday: Kindergarten field trip, baseball game

Thursday: Last day of PreSchool, PreSchool program, shopping for stuff, baseball practice, photo shoot, praise team practice

Friday: Field Day, VBS shopping

Saturday: VBS Work all day

So that's just a small snapshot of the way our life is going right now. We are having a good time, just busy. School is over for Abby and just a couple of weeks left for Caleb and Jacob. Then it's summer time!

I am really looking forward to having no schedule for awhile! I am a creature of structure but I enjoy short bursts of NON-structure...and summer serves exactly that purpose.

God is really blessing my family right now and I am ready to bask in the blessing of God...and the sun...for that matter.

For now, this really this exact minute...I'm resting.

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