Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Dates

'm not sure why...but my pictures uploaded in reverse order...

Every year, just before school starts, I take each one of the kids out for a special date. Just me and one of them. They get to pick the place to eat (Chuck E. Cheese is not an option...Thank the Lord!) and we go and finish getting all their school supplies and, of course, they get to pick a special gift. I also take this time to talk to each of them about how Paul and I expect them to behave at school. We talk about things they are nervous and/or excited about and we pray for their teacher. I look forward to this time each year...not sure if they do...hopefully they do!

This year, since I will most likely have a teaching job (but not until the second week of school...I know...) I got to have a back to school date too! Paul took me out to P.F. Changs (yum!) and we enjoyed WAY to much food! Then we went to do a little shopping for me and my future classroom. We had a good time and it was really good for us to have some time together before school starts. This is a new era for us. All of our kids will be in school (Can I get an AMEN and a HALLELUJAH!) We are so VERY excited for this new time in our lives. Our kids are growing so quickly and we intend to enjoy EVERY minute of it! We are gonna do Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade to fullest and enjoy every blessing that God has for us this year!

Here is Caleb and I. His dinner was very special because my brother was in town and so Caleb shared his special dinner with the family and Uncle Justin. Caleb chose Chili's and we had a great time chatting with Uncle Justin! Then Caleb and I went on a hunt for the rest of his school supplies and special gift. We drove to Target, got the supplies and then went in search of a certain DS game. Well, not a "certain" one because Caleb didn't know which "certain one" he wanted. He just kept looking for a "certain one". Since Target didn't have the "certain one" we moved on to GameStop...which closes at SIX pm on Sundays! Ahhhhh! Thankfully Toys R Us was open and after s.e.v.e.r.a.l. minutes of looking for the "certain one" he finally found it! Exccept it was a Wii game instead of a DS game...anyway...he was happy. I am praying very specifically for Caleb this year because he is starting a new journey in the Spanish Immersion program that is new to our school. By the end of fifth grade Caleb will be fluent in Spanish and it begins in First Grade. In classic Caleb style though, learning a new language is NOT what he is most nervous about. He's most nervous about not knowing everyone in his class. I assured him that he was an awesome "friend maker" and he would know everyone after the first day. And he isn't nervous anymore...Thank you Jesus.

Abby and I, dressed in EXACTLY the same outfit, went to Arbys. We were taking our friend Magan to the airport on our way on our date. We ate curly fries and then took Magan to the airport. On the way back to Target we talked about Kindergarten and how much fun it was going to be. We talked about being kind to one of the boys in her class who we know is in a wheelchair. She is determined to say "hi" to him each day and make him feel good. We got to Target found all the supplies she needed and then it was off to the clothes department to find "things on sale". She is my daughter through and through! We (and when I say 'we' I mean BOTH of us) looked and looked through the clearance racks for the best deals. Abby won't buy anything at full price! We found a pair of shorts and a cute polka dot tank top for $3.00...TOTAL! The best part of the night was watching her face when I told her the whole outfit was only $3.00...she was SO excited!

Jacob got to go first this year...basically because that's the way the schedule worked out and we went to Olive Garden. We have been to Olive Garden every year. It's our special place. He held my hand, opened the door for me and even ordered our dessert. He is such a little MAN! It's crazy to think that he will be in 3rd grade in just a few short days. I love the person he is becoming. He has the special privilege of having the same teacher for 3rd grade that he had in second grade. She is f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c. and Jacob learned SO much from her last year. I'm excited to see how far he will go. He is excited about having the same teacher and is only worried about one thing...the TAKS test. Who knew the nervousness would start so early. I wasn't even sure Jacob new what the TAKS test was. But he does. And it makes him nervous. So we will pray.

So if you made it to the end of this, then you probably really like/love me and my family! Til next time...The Calm and Chaos continues.

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