Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Football and School Supplies...both cost me a fortune.

So Football has begun.

We have all three of our kiddos involved in football this year. No...Abby is not playing, contrary to what you might think! She is cheering for Jacob's team this year. Paul and I are already feeling the pull...in a good way. It's nice to be a little busy these days...after the lazy days of summer. I know, I know...ask me that in three weeks...see if I feel the same way.

Since all three are "playing" football, we had to PAY for all three of them to play. Seems innocent enough, right? I just walked right out my back door and pulled some money off that money tree we have! What? You don't have one? You really should get one.

I'm not going to divulge how much we had to pay...Let's just say it's pretty much in the same range as the price of our new-esque car we just bought! Oh, I jest...kind of. But love is spelled M-O-N-E-Y, right? How could I possibly look into my children's (green, brown, and blue/green)eyes and tell them no! Remember, I am Mother of the Year. So we payed. And they are playing. And they are so HAPPY! And so are we.

.....Then I reminded my husband about school supplies......

After he came to, I also reminded him that we have three, (3), THREEEEEE!!!!! children in public school this year needing a various array of crayons, markers, glue, glue sticks, folders (with and without brads, mind you) three ring binders, kleenex, and hand sanitizer. Oh yeah...don't forget about assorted packages of construction paper and manilla paper...in two sizes, of course.


In the next couple of weeks (because I'll have to space the shopping out between pay periods) I'll brave the crowds and take each of my children shopping for their specific school supplies and explain to each of them 1,000 times why I'm not buying the Avatar the Airbender Trapper Keeper(shout out to all my 80's peeps!)because the list says "3 ring binder" or the Star Wars folder because the list says "red folder" or the Spiderman pencils because the list says "#2 pencils".

We will try to have a pleasant experience and we'll pay for all of the necessary supplies so that they can have the best school year ever. On the first day of school they will proudly walk in to their classroom with all of their supplies and sit down next to the kid whose mom bought them the Star Wars folder...

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