Thursday, March 6, 2008

I know it's been awhile...

So it's been awhile since I have blogged...not for a shortage of activity around us, but because my computer is a pain in the "you know where!" Both of the hinges are broken on my laptop, so I can't even open my computer unless I lay it back completely flat...not real easy to work on your computer when it's flat. It is so annoying. So I'm propping it up to type this and check my email...hopefully a new computer will be in the VERY near future!
...Speaking of...I just went to and looked at a really cute pink computer and super cute stripey neoprene sleeve to keep it in. I just emailed it to Paul...he's probably reading my email right now, rolling his eyes several times, thinking to himself..."Why does she need a pink one?" which I respond..."Why do you need a Mac?"
Oh well, hopefully I can get back to some posting soon. Don't leave me, keep checking back, keep commenting! I'll be back!

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Jennifer Raack said...

Computer prayers are going up for you as I type.

The pink laptops are the best....that's what color mine is. My hubby got it at Best Buy on one of the bargain racks. I love it and there is never any confusion about whose laptop this is!