Monday, March 31, 2008

Law and Order

So I'm on my 3rd or 4th Law and Order of the day...I know, I know...I have serious issues. I really like Law and Order...the original, not the others ones so much.

My college roommate, Cari and I share this excitement. We always told each other that one day, a long, long time from now, when we are old and wrinkled, we would be roommates again in some nursing home and watch Law and Order on Nick at Nite...because the world would be in such disarray and turmoil that Law and Order would be on Nick at Nite.

Is Nick at Nite even still on? Does anyone even know what Nick at Nite is?

Anyway, So I'm watching another one. Earlier today the kiddos were asleep so I was working on some VBS stuff on my computer and watched a couple of episodes...I actually saw one today that I had not seen before...not the case right now, or very often for that matter.

Just for the record...Lenny Briscoe is my favorite character. He is so funny. He always has these one liners at inappropriate times and they are so hilarious. The new Assistant DA, Cotter, I think is his name is doing pretty good on the new episodes, but he will never live up to Jack McCoy...who, by the way, is the new DA.

Ok, seriously, I need help. Maybe tomorrow I'll Google "Law and Order Anonymous" and see if I can get some help.....maybe I won't, the first step is admitting I have a problem and I'm just not willing to give up my Law and Order.


Georgia's blog said...

I am so with you on the Law & Order thing. All of them... in Virginia I git very few channels and TBS and USA were 2. They have Law & Order marathons all the time. Maybe we need to start our own support group.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I LOVE Law and Order. I don't get to watch new episodes very often because my evenings are packed with other stuff, but I am a huge fan of the re-runs. I have to say though, regular Law and Order is not the same without Lenny. These days I prefer Criminal Intent, but really only the ones with Goren. And I love the characters on SVU, they are actually my favorite characters of all the Law and Orders. Ok, I think I might need help as well. I'm acting as if these people are my friends. Did I ever tell you that when my parents and I went to New York, I wanted to go by the 27th precinct (home of the original L&O), but... there is no 27th precinct! Isn't that crazy! Anyway, I think a support group might be a good idea. :)

Jennifer Raack said...

After I finished doing something for Cari, I turned around and you were gone. I'm sorry I didn't get to hug you bye! It was fun getting to see you face to face!