Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Things...

So I needed something to blog about and my friend Cari is always inspirational! So here is a list of a few random things that come to mind...

3 Things I did tonight...
1. We had salmon for dinner tonight...just in case you were wondering.
2. Paul just bought me a purple computer with flowers on it because my other one is toast.
3. We are watching "Employee of the Month" right's kind of dumb

3 Pet Peeves of mine...
1. injustice on any level
2. talking when I'm trying to pay attention to something...good thing I have a DVR
3. when things don't go exactly as planned

3 Halloween Costumes of years past...
1. mom made it...I think I was red
2. Cinnamon sugar...same pattern as the previous year (red crayon)
3. Rainbow Brite

3 Jobs I've had...
1. Accounts Payable Dept at the Promise Christian Store
2. Office Manager for Primerica
3. Bank Teller at Texas Star Bank

3 pieces of art I'm looking at right now...
1. A 10 commandment train made by Caleb and Abby in AWANA's
2. A map of the US with Texas a different color because Jacob was learning about Texas
3. A heart with "I heart you" on it from's a drawing of a heart...not the word "heart" fyi

3 things that make me laugh
1. Jacob
2. Caleb
3. Abby
ok make it 4
4. Paul

I've been late in the last week...
1. Sunday morning...even though we Sprung forward...we still woke up at 7:52...keep in mind that we are supposed to be at church by 8:15...we made it by 8:25!
2. This morning (Monday, day after the Sunday we were late) we woke up at 7:20...keep in mind that we are supposed to leave to take Jacob to school by 7:25...we were late!

3 Secret things I like to do...that aren't going to be secret anymore...
1. Play with Legos...(I really like to build according to the instruction manual...I know it's sad)
2. Color with "Color Wonder" (It's really fascinating to me that you color with clear and it magically turns to color on the page!
3. Play Guitar Hero...which really isn't a secret at's an addiction

Ok so there you have it...some randomness about me. I hope you enjoyed these random facts about me.

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