Thursday, June 26, 2008

bad evening...Great Night.....HORRIBLE DAY!

Last wee we were at GEM camp...aka...GA Camp in Midland, Texas. We had a great time! Paul played the drums with Chad and the band and through a strange chain of events ended up being the camp pastor. ANYways...

We arrived home on Friday night and (of course) we have no food at home because we have been gone for a week sooooo we go to Pizza Hut. Where we have a lovely dinner and we leave. It's not until Monday morning that I realize that I left my purse at Pizza Hut! Why so long until I figure it out?.....Because I was VERY sick on Saturday...I did not leave the pull out couch the entire day! I was, as Paul would say, FOB (Flat On Back) all day long. Then Sunday I didn't need it because we didn't go anywhere mostly because I still wasn't doing so great...which brings us to Monday. To make a long story longer....we ended up finding out that one of the employees at Pizza Hut took it. I will not go into the details of the mess we are dealing with...just know it's a mess and it leads to a bigger frustration later!

Skip forward a few days to Wednesday night. We are putting the kids to bed and Jacob asks us to play the "Christmas" game. This is (not really) a game that tells the story of Christmas by opening up presents and the last one is "What God wants for Christmas". On the inside is a mirror because God wants "you" for Christmas. The book then goes into the salvation message. So Paul and I start going through the story with him, because as I have told you earlier, he was very close to accepting Jesus as his Savior. So the story starts with Gabriel and as we finish reading about Gabriel, Jacob asks if we can skip to the part about Jesus. Of course we do and I asked him why he wanted to skip to Jesus. He said because he wanted to ask Jesus to be his Savior! YEAH! Paul and I lead him through some questions and then he prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior. He did it all by himself too! So exciting! Paul and I were so grateful to be a part of this amazing time in Jacob's life! Here are some pics to commemerate this wonderful occasion.

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Well...Satan decided he would not be outdone by God which brings me to the "horrible day" part of the story. Remember the "frustration" I wrote of earlier in the goes.
So since my purse was stolen I have to get a new driver's license and social security card...well you basically cannot get one without the other...FANTASTIC. So I go to the SS office with my passport...Praise the Lord they give me a SS card after waiting only an hour...except first...Google tells me that there is an office in New Braufels...long story longer...that office has been closed for about 5 years! I drove around downtown New Braufels for almost an hour asking people where it was and no one knew. I finally found a sherrif who told me that the office was closed and I would have to go to Seguin...20 more miles north. So I finally make it to Seguin. I am now about an hour and a half away from home. Back to the SS office. I wait for an hour and got my SS card. I then make my way down the road to the DPS. Success! There is only one person in front of me! So I fill out the form and take my place in line...only to find out that the computers are down. I should have known. My place in line was way to easy. So I wait about 20 minutes and the computers come up...Yes...the finish line is in view. I step up to the counter and hand her my paperwork and the lady asks me for my $10. I reach into my purse and then the panic sets checkbook. Of course my debit card was in my original wallet...and I have no cash...To which the lady replied we only take exact cash or check. So I have to leave my place in line and go find an ATM in a town I am unfamiliar with I cry the entire way there. It has just been one thing after the other. So I get money go back take my DL picture and then begin the trek home. I stop at an Olive Garden and I have lunch and, of course, dessert...because this day totally warrants dessert....and it was good...and now I'm at home. Finally. With a valid driver's license and SS card mind you.


Jennifer Raack said...

What awesome news about Jacob!! I had the same honor with my Jarod tonight!!!! God is so good!!!

I'll be praying for all of the yuck to get worked out with the purse thing. Glad you got the new license and ss card!

Georgia's blog said...

Awesome Jacob!!! Hallelujah!!!! Andrew will be so excited. Love you Jacob my little brother in Christ! CHris and Georgia

Melissa said...

Through it all, God had the last word! When yucky things happen, he always puts the things in our path that totally knock our socks off. So glad for Jacob! Everything else sounds like it is working out good too, with a few kinks. Glad your dessert was good! :)