Monday, June 9, 2008's here...with FULL force!

So today was the first day of our VBS. We are using Power Lab by Group. It is really fun, so far. We had 276 today...which means we are probably going to have a few more tomorrow. At our church we run "2" VBS'. A preschool VBS and an elementary VBS. Our preschool VBS has about 70 kids plus workers...that's the one I'm in charge of. Can I just tell you how fun it is to have 70 birth to 5 year olds spread out all over our nursery singing and learning about Jesus?!?!?! I'm in charge of the games too, so I have about an hour of "down" time...(as "down" as you can get with 70 preschoolers in VBS) before the kids come to games.

So during this time this morning I was just listening here and there to all the goings on and this is what I heard:

From the Babies room: Two VERY sweet grandma's cooing and singing sweetly to 3 SCREAMING children! They handled it like any fantastic grandma would. So sweetly.

From the 2's: Let's go outside, line up everyone. YEEAAAAHH! Out! Out! This particular group LOVES going outside...that was all the teachers had to say and they were set for the day.

From the 3's: "Jesus gives us the power to be thankful!" Said over and over each time getting louder. What a wonderful truth to hear from 3 year olds!

From the 4.1's (One of our 4's and 5's classes): "One, Two, Three. Eyes on me." Over and over and over and over...this is a lively bunch of kiddos, but once they got to me at the games they learned "Thankful, thankful. I am thankful in the blank)"

From the 4.2's while they were in Music: "There's power, there's power, there's wonder working power." and "I wanna be thankful, I wanna be Graaaaaaaateful"

So FUN! Of course as soon as we got home this afternoon we ALL took a nap. Praise the Lord for naps! We'll get up and do it again tomorrow. So much more fun to be had. I'll have some cute pics of my kids and the decorations later on this week.

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