Thursday, June 5, 2008


This whole week I have been working in the afternoons on VBS to come later...and so the kids haven't been with me every afternoon...this makes for lovely mornings let me tell you...

So I have been trying to do special things in the mornings to spend better time with them.

Monday was coloring and we sorted and stripped the broken crayons so I can melt them into big round crayons.

Tuesday I told them that we would play whatever they wanted in the playroom...and they chose "House"...which eventually turned into "Life". House wasn't quite enough, they had to go to "HEB", "Home Depot", "Work", the "Doctor"...and of course I was the "all-time quarterback" if you will. I was the cashier, the "Home Depot guy"(as Caleb said) and I was also the doctor. And here's where you give a nod to my mom again for providing all of the play clothes that we used...thank you.

All in all we had a great time and you can read my commentary on the slide show I made below.(which is not perfect. There is a random baseball pic at the end that has nothing to do with the play time...but nevertheless when you get to the baseballs you know it's over...don't click to the'll take forever.) The worst part was the end of the play time when Caleb knocked over my coffee...The best part...playing with my kids.


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