Friday, June 20, 2008

So I got a new camera!!!!!

Click to play Pics with my new camera!
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ok ok ok ok....

I know the Bible says "thou shall not covet" try to control yourself! I got a new camera. I've been wanting one for a while now...not because I "needed" one...but because I wanted one! I'm not really very good at "waiting" for God to provide me things that I want...until this time...and my camera is worth every minute that I waited!

I've been looking around at different cameras and trying out friends cameras figuring out which features I wanted most and deciding what I liked and didn't like. So when God provided the funds, I walked in to Best Buy and I knew exactly what I wanted.....and I bought it! Thank you God so much for the little things!

We have gone through some really tough times (financially) over the course of our marriage and so to now be blessed financially and to be able to buy a new camera is a feeling like no other! I took 287 pictures the first time I got it out of the box...don't worry...I spared you the 287 and just put a few together in the slide show above. Enjoy!


Whitney said...

The pictures are great and your subjects are adorable! Enjoy the new camera, it's so fun to play around!

Jennifer Raack said...

Wow, those are beautiful pictures, and the kids ain't bad either! My husband would be so jealous, he wants a new camera so bad. Of course, I'm mean and I won't let him buy one.

After seeing your pictures, I might change my mind. Just think, he'll have you to thank!!

BTW...if you ever want to email me directly, my email is