Friday, November 14, 2008

I took Caleb shopping today...

Here are some parts of conversations that Caleb and I had today. I took him shopping because we needed some special time together and we had a great time...

***Mom, don't you know, that God "crated" the "earf"? (translation...God CREATED the case you didn't catch that.)
~Yes son, God did create the earth.
***Yeah He made it oval.
~Why did He make it oval?
***So that when we drive, we won't go upside down.

Sometimes I don't try to understand, I just smile at his logic...or lack thereof.

***Mom, let's listen to the King of Kings song.
***Mom, don't you know my verse?
~What is your verse, son?
***God, the blessed the only ruler, not like a ruler but like a Ruler, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 1 Timothy 6:15b
~Good job son! I am very proud of you learning that verse.

***Hey mom, don't you know that big thing over there?
~The water tower?
***Yeah, don't you know what it does?
~What does it do son?
***It gaders (gathers) all the icky yucky air from the Earf (earth) and burns it up. I like to say icky yucky air. I love you, mom.
~I love you, too, son...very much
***I love you more than the leabs (leaves) on the trees.

There are so many more ramblings of Caleb, I just can't come up with them right now! Hopefully I can remember...I need to write these things down, don't you know!

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