Friday, November 7, 2008

"Daddy, there are TWO ways to go to Heaven."

Now, now, now, before you start ranting about my Theology, please keep reading...

The other day I was driving...somewhere (not important to the story)...and we were listening to the Christmas Musical that our church choir is working on. Part of the song lyrics are, "Jesus is coming, hope is in sight..."

Caleb, of course, wanted to know if Jesus was coming to our house...and I told him no, that He came once as a baby, died on the cross and He is going to come back again and take us to Heaven.

To which he replied, "Without even dying?" And I said, "Yes, son, without even dying!" He replied with his super cute..."cool."

Not to long after we got home, Paul came home and Caleb ran up to him and said, "Daddy, daddy...did you know there are TWO ways to go to Heaven?!?!"

And Paul had the same reaction that you may have had to the title of my blog.


I gave Paul that, hold on a minute, look...and he listened to the rest of Caleb's story which went like this...

"Yes, Daddy, there are TWO ways to go to Heaven! The first way is to die. You can die and go to Heaven, but that's not fun. And the other way is that if Jesus comes before you die then you get to go back to Heaven with Him! Without even dying!!! And Jesus is going to take us back to Heaven with a trailer!"

That's right folks...just in case you were wondering how, exactly, Jesus was going to get us all back to Heaven...according to Caleb...Jesus is using a trailer...probably pulled behind His white horse...I'm just guessing, could happen...

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Jennifer Raack said...

That is one of THE CUTEST things I have ever heard!!!! From the innocent mouth of babes!!!!!