Monday, February 22, 2010

The Near Future-Cast

This time of year is chronically busy around our house. Each year the late Winter/early Spring time is C.R.A.Z.Y.

It's baseball time.
It's D-Now time.
It's Easter time.

This year is particularly crazy because I am in school and we are travelling a bit to teach at other D-Nows.

So the Future-cast for the next few weeks looks like this:

*This week Mon-Thurs and Sat - I have class

*Saturday I am supposed to have a team mom mtg so I somehow must split myself in half and be in two places at one time...any ideas?

*Paul has a crazy schedule this week with D-Now prep that consists of meetings on Wed and Fri nights, plus shopping for food and making plenty of copies...etc.

*This week also kicks off Baseball practice two nights a week...THANKFULLY...the boys are on the same team this year!

*This weekend is D-Now and that will guessed it! parents are coming on Friday to watch the kids for D-Now so Paul and I can concentrate on D-Now and class.

*Next week is MARCH people! Is that a shocker to anyone else? We have to have some sort of birthday party for Caleb and I have class on Mon, Tues, and Wed.


*Then Paul teaches another D-now for the weekend.(not our church)

*After that I suppose we will take a break. Oh yeah! Spring Break!

*I take some wedding photos to start the break and then we get to go to visit my parents while Paul and I teach a D-Now over the weekend ending spring break and THEN we will rush back on Sunday for our Easter Celebration and concert.

*And THEN the NEXT week is EASTER! Which of course means that the youth will be going to the Pre-Easter retreat.

Now I am going to take a nap.
Thank you.

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