Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Story of My Life

Sorry about the quality of the pics...I took them with my phone...

My mom gave this to me some time ago. She said when she saw it she thought of me...

I don't really know why...

Except that I DO have sticky floors 100% of the time.
My oven is ALWAYS filthy, which is to say NEVER clean.

So if that makes me a good mother, bring it on! In fact if those two items are the measure by which all mothers are measured...then I FOR SURE have pretty much secured Mother of the Year for...like...the next...100 years! Sorry about your luck other moms, but I have clenched the title.

If it also means that I have happy children, then I will gladly pour maple syrup on my floor and in my carpet and I will rub grease on the inside of my oven and light it on fire.

Anything to have happy children. (My mother is FREAKING out at the thought of having to clean that up this weekend when she comes to visit.)

Don't worry Mom...It's just Abby's room that I need help with.



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