Friday, May 9, 2008

Field Day 2008 today was Field Day! Can I just say that you know it's going to be a crazy day when all 800 students PK-4th grade descend upon the playgrounds and parking lot for a day of fun! What you don't expect is the grown women who flirt with the high school boys...there to help, mind you, and spray them with water and chase them around the parking lot! No I am not kidding! There was a lady who was next to me and she was supposed to be running a game. Yeah let me say first of all this lady was neither young nor cute nor small...I'll repent later for my judgement....but seriously. She was "in charge" of the water hose...not because the PE teacher put her in charge...but because she did not want to "eat what she was dishing out!"

She then proceeded to flirt...I'm not even kidding...full on flirting with the high school know spraying them with water, chasing after them with the hose and then the kids would get in on the "action" and dump the water buckets...that were supposed to be used for the game...on the high schoolers heads...and so on and so on.

All in all, we had a good time and Jacob had fun...if it hadn't been for that crazy lady next to me it would have been a great day!

So back to the 800 kids playing the games...Needless to's San Antonio and it topped about 96 degrees the water games were a hit. The kids were SOAKING WET! I mean all the way down to their underwear. So then ALL of them descended upon the bathrooms to change from their soaking clothes into their dry ones...Have you ever been in a place where 140 Kindergartners were trying to take off wet clothes and put on dry ones...and then why...I ask you WHY do parents send the hardest dry clothes in the history of all changes of clothes!

I, (being mother of the year) sent an easy pair of elastic waisted shorts and a fuss...and I was there to help.

Others.....sent jeans and boots and belts and snaps and all the clothes that THEY hate putting on so they thought the teachers and the parent helpers would love to help the kiddos! What!?!?!!?!

So after the clothes changing fiasco we finally got ready to eat's already, because of field day, about 1 hour past their normal lunch time. We walk down to the cafeteria and the line is OUT THE DOOR! Other classes were late, on top of the fact that the lunch ladies were not moving very fast AND their computer that the kids punch their numbers into was broken! So she was having to write EVERYONES number down and what they bought for lunch! One word...CRAZY! So Jacob's teacher and I are standing in the hall with the class singing every song we can think of to occupy the kids while we wait almost 20 minutes to get our food!

We finally eat, and get on with the rest of our, rest, recess...tough...I know.

Now here I sit smelling like dried sweat and I feel as though I have the grime of 20 Kindergartners all over me...I think I'll go take a shower.

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