Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some random sayings that I've heard

So I have heard some random and hilarious things over the past few days from various sources and I think they are worth sharing:

Source: my son Caleb
Caleb: Mommy, mommy! I want to hear the Turtle song!
Mommy: What "turtle" song???
Caleb: the TURTLE song...please mommy?
Mommy: son I would love to play you the Turtle song...but I have NO IDEA which one you are talking about! Can you sing it to me so I know which one?
Caleb: (singing)
Get up Get up
Get up and tell the world
Get up Get up
Get up and tell the world
That Jesus paid the price
So we could have TURTLE life

OH MY SOUL did I laugh so hard...of course the word is supposed to be ETERNAL...but TURTLE works just as well!

Source: son Caleb
Caleb: Mommy I'm afraid of dying and I really like to sing in a microphone.

He is the King of random statements...and yes we did address the "afraid of dying" part.

Source: A friend of Jacob's at school
Friend: (while sitting in the grass outside) "I'm ELECTRIC to grass."
Me: You're what?!?!?
Friend: I'm ELECTRIC to grass...It makes me itchy.

Again with the laughing...because, of course, he meant ALLERGIC...and no he's not really allergic to the grass...he just didn't want to sit down.

Source: Jacob after a swimming party regarding the Blisters on his feet

Jacob: Mommy my toes are really hurting.
Mommy: Why son?
Jacob: Becuase I have "Blinners" all over them
Mommy: Son? What are "blinners"
Jacob: These little bubbles on the bottom of my toes
Mommy: mean BLISTERS!

Thanks for listening/reading!

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Graham said...

HA! Loved that "turtle" song. I was looking for the words to that song as my kids had sung it at a local VBS and I wanted to use it for our VBS next month. I googled the phrase "get aup and tell the world" and came across your blog. I rolled when I read your son's request of the "turtle" song. Priceless.