Monday, May 26, 2008

For I know your Name...Amen

So the other day we were driving somewhere...I forget where, I'm sure it's super important...anyway...

We were driving somewhere and out of the blue Jacob started praying...this is not out of the ordinary because we really strive to teach our kids to pray anywhere, anytime, about anything...not just at dinner and bedtime...ANYWAY

Jacob was praying about something. He has really just "learned" how to pray like Paul and I do and he has been using some of the same words. Super cute to listen to! When He got to the end of his prayer he said, "For I know your Name, Amen" instead of "In your name I pray, Amen". It was really cute! I absolutely LOVE experiencing Jesus through my is SO refreshing. Thank you God for my AMAZING kids!

On a separate note, be praying for Jacob...He is beginning to reach the point where He is ready to ask Jesus to be His Savior. Paul and I are really excited about this and we selfishly want to be with him when he does...however...if it happens in VBS or Sunday School we would be equally as excited! We are also trying to make sure that this is HIS decision. We want God to touch his life in a special way to cause him to realize his need for a Savior. So...if you have a minute I would appreciate a prayer for Jacob!

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